Anyone Need to Attend AA Meetings?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by zero269, May 26, 2021.

  1. zero269

    zero269 Well-Known Member

    I'm sure I'm not the only one here that needs to attend AA meetings.

    Suffering the loss of APV HD content has effected some of us more than others. But (there's always a but) we will not give up hope and fall off the wagon!

    Some of us may find ways to cope with this loss, and some like myself have resorted to actually searching out shows in SD... to fill some HD gaps. I mean really, how low can we go!?

    So, if you attend an AA meeting in your area, and some idiot actually has the nerve to ask, "What in the world is AnyStream?" Don't resort to violence, name calling, mumbling, or out of control gibberish. Just rip off your government mandated mask and storm out of there! They can't help you! No one can!
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  2. Wowfunhappy

    Wowfunhappy Active Member

    I know this is tongue-and-cheek, but some people should really consider stepping away from their computers for a couple of days.

    ...or, go the other direction, and feed your obsession with a setup that is more labor-intensive but difficult/impossible to break, like one based around an HDCP stripper and capture card.
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  3. BuddyFunJet

    BuddyFunJet Well-Known Member

    I’ve found alternates to keep feeding my habit.

    This prompted my searches to shift to VPN for NF (often SD+ rather than HD) and D+ (pretty reliably HD). If extra AS tokens are available, I got to older TV series that aren’t available in HD.

    I just hope APV is back in HD for the new June titles.
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  4. zanetti

    zanetti Well-Known Member

    HD must return, but in the meantime ive discovered the beauty of 540p. takes 20-40% less space than 720p, and still looks decent. latest obsession: cutthroat kitchen. 14 seasons, 13-18 episodes each. 600-800mb per episode, waay less than 720p, i think all 14 seasons might take less than 130gb. not too shabby. i never went 1080p for tv series, they take just too much space. unless its something snazzy, lol. anyways, 540p is noice atm. but... b-but... yeah, HD must be brought back! lol. cheers!
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  5. SAF

    SAF Well-Known Member

    Yeah, after I got done adding the metadata to all the HD movies that I previously downloaded, I started concentrating on the SD-only movie downloads that are in my AZ My stuff. When I get done going down that road, I'll make a decision on how to proceed from there.. Cheers
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  6. DQ

    DQ Well-Known Member

    With HD not available on AP I am not really interested in stuff there but I still snag the occasional title from the other 2 when I can find it in decent quality. But I snagged a lot of old favorites while we had it so I am happy with the lifetime purchase either way.

    I almost hope we never get season queueing because that will be tempting ! :p
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  7. Scott Tedder

    Scott Tedder Well-Known Member

    To keep getting HQ 1080p amzn downloads, I joined the dark side momentarily. Muhaha
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  8. von edmeister 2.0

    von edmeister 2.0 Well-Known Member

    Bowling with the "Dude" of course. We don't roll on shomer Shabbos.
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  9. zero269

    zero269 Well-Known Member

    True, but we'll sleep better at night! (y)
  10. zero269

    zero269 Well-Known Member

    As long as you got a piece from Queen Amidala/Padmé... :sneaky:
  11. zero269

    zero269 Well-Known Member

    That's certainly a good movie. It took me a long time to finally watch that movie, and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I might fire that one up this weekend.
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  12. Watcher0363

    Watcher0363 Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately I singed on to Netflix for one month. Problem is, none of the content from Netflix streams well from my qnap. About every 12 minutes the picture freezes for like two minutes then starts playing again. The stuff from Amazon on the same drives no problem. Good thing that download limit kicked end, saved me from having hundreds and hundreds of bad palying content. So I will go back to my sd television series of the 60's, 70's, and 80's from Amazon. As someone else mentioned that 540 is not bad at all, so Dallas and Charlie's Angels, here I come.
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  13. zanetti

    zanetti Well-Known Member

    ahem. forgot to mention that 540p is acceptable for newer content. these old tv series are a rollercoaster of good, bad and the ugly content. some series get a well done conversion to digital. others not so much. take britbox on prime channels. sometimes the job is done properly, but more often than not its just done sloppy. aliasing, warped picture (last time i watched the cult series 'only fools and horses' i was astonished what a crappy job whoever was taksed of converting the source material for britbox did - literally wobbly picture when camera pans), interlacing, blockiness etc. so, be warned. anything newer, source material recorded digitally, 540p is acceptable. older, analog, stuff... hit and miss. which is a shame. 'crime story', '3rd rock from the sun', older bcc comedy series... they all deserve better treatment. actually, its a crime with what streming providers get away with. lol. cheers!
  14. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

  15. Lowpro

    Lowpro Well-Known Member

    Here's a wild idea. Just stream 1080p content from Amazon until we once again have the ability to download the given 1080p stream. You know. Like actually watch the given 1080p stream. You don't have to download it first before you can watch it. Better yet, watch a few things you've already downloaded. Try this on for size even. If the given 1080p presentation is available on Blu-ray purchase or rent it. And if all else fails, read a book. Go outside and get some fresh air. Spend less time here on the forums talking about how 1080p streams from Amazon can't be downloaded right now and instead go live your life. Tomorrow is promised to no one. RedFox will crack the code before you know it. It's what they do.
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  16. Zoidberg

    Zoidberg Member

    This is GOLD!! :rockingchair::dance: thank you @zero269 you disturbed individual :whistle:(y)
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  17. Watcher0363

    Watcher0363 Well-Known Member

    I have problems and demons. I go to sleep late, and wake up early to stay ahead of them. Problem is, I keep running into them, because they are always in front of me. Not to mention, that when I go and live my life. I tend to do stupid things like reformat a drive with 9 terabytes of video content. Yeah, boy howdy, yeah.
  18. Greg Alex

    Greg Alex Well-Known Member

    That's what people don't understand....I live my life a clean, crisp 1080p Amazon stream at a time. Nothing else matters, not the mortgage, not my business, not my team and all their bs, for those 10 minutes or less I'm free.
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  19. BuddyFunJet

    BuddyFunJet Well-Known Member

    Are you streaming through Plex from your Qnap? If so, I had a similar problem until I set the plex settings on my firestick to 2.1 stereo rather than the 6.1 default.
  20. I've had a lot of problems with the muxing produced by anystream having glitchy playback with plex, mostly the amazon provider. On a server that has no problems with 100+mbps UHD streams. Passing the content through mkvmerge fixes the problem.