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Anyone having Trouble with the Holiday!


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Mar 19, 2007
I am using a madDog MD-16xdvd9 to burn the movie and a liteon dvdrw cdw 411s to read the movie. I am using Anydvd ver. and Clonedvd ver. Every time I try to make a back up of the Holiday I get this message
"File OF/video_ts/video_ts.ifo1393
The disk structure is corrupted and un readable
Please be sure that all required files are available and try again."

I would say it is the disk but this is the second disk that I have tried.
I tried to get all the.ifo files but I can't open folder. It gives me an error stating "F:/video_ts is not accessible The disk structure is corrupted and unreadable."

Pleas help!
Thanks for the help, with your assistance, I finally got it copied.