anyone having problems with AnyDvD

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  1. I have been trying to make movies but a error comes up with the surface being dirty. has anyone else find this to be a problem and if so have you corrected it yet? I do have DVD fab too if that helps any. Fab works great but AnyDVD doesn't.
  2. Charlie

    Charlie Well-Known Member

    Fab is making a copy of the dvd with the error issues that are on the disc so have fun with that. I suggest cleaning the DVD and using clonedvd2 and anydvd.
  3. Webslinger

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    1 ) State the full a)error message(s) you encountered, b)tell us what program(s) you were using when you received the error message(s), and c) describe in detail what you were doing when you received the error message(s).

    2) a)Click the red fox icon on your toolbar.
    b) Navigate to "Program Settings".
    c) Click "enable logging".
    d) Click "ok".
    e) Put the problematic disc in your optical drive/reader.
    f) Go to your My Documents folder
    g) You will see a zip file called ""
    h) When replying or posting in the Slysoft forums, look for the icon that looks like [​IMG]
    i) if you don't see that icon, click the "go advanced" button. You should see that icon now. Click the paperclip.
    j) a small pop-up screen should appear (if it doesn't please ensure your browser is enabled to allow pop-ups from the Slysoft forums)
    k) click the "Browse" button, and locate and select the .zip file you created.
    l) click "upload"
  4. oldjoe

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    If the disc was actually dirty or faulty Fab would be giving the same error and not "copying the erorr issues".
    Follow what Webslinger has suggested if you wish to make a copy with AnyDVD.
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  7. Charlie

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    Right click on anydvd goto settings and enable logging and upload the zip here. By the sound of it though you have a bad disc.
  8. Webslinger

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    Actually, a message will popup in fab and let you continue--and it does, in fact, copy over disc errors in that case.
  9. Webslinger

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    clarkint2(at), do not post in nor create multiple threads about the exact same thing please. click

    If you're not going to provide requested information then no one can help you.
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