Anyone have a link to download Older Version of GJ?

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    Game Jackal version ... 600 and the latest ....610 have disabled half my games. Can anyone provide a link to any older versions prior to .... 600 so I can get these games working again with hunting through my 100 + disks to start them?
  2. Charlie

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    I uploaded it for Mathew feel free to use it.


    Already Tried That One

    I already got your link to "......600" but need the ones prior to it. ... 600 allows two games to work that 610 cut off but still most do not with it.
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    BRB let me see if I have an older one.
  5. Charlie

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    The oldest version I have is

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    Thank You

    YES, now most of the old ones are working now .. this ...590 was the last good update that did not damage the profiles of
    11 of my games. GT legend not yet but it take tries sometime for some of them to work.
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    Thnx, taking this one too, hope it worx now.
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    Just as a side note to this.
    I have found to get some of the older games to work I also have to use older versions.

    For the time being I have gone back to the old versions from Maplom.

    Cheers MarkL
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    Well im back to good old maplom Anyone want it and u got the key then pm me