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    It's a lifetime license yes, and you were given updates for the lifetime of the company that sold it to you? You really expect YOUR lifetime? Slysoft was shut down by authorities, how do you expect a company that no longer exists to issue updates for a product that is no longer developed and doesn't have any more servers, with staff that no longer works there? It's all widely documented, google it.

    Say you bought it at the start of slysoft, for $80. Slysoft lasted at least 10y. So that's $8 a year you paid. You try living on $8 a year, paying all your bills, food,...

    Now, the staff themselves were owed back-pay, they didn't get it either, so instead took the code and restarted development. How do pay for new staff, new servers, new site.... Right, you sell new licenses.

    Now we're not going to restart these debates again, everything that could be said has been said at the shut down. On top of that you're 3 years late complaining, there were discounts up to a free license depending on when you had bought it.

    End of story, end of discussion.

    You have the option to use the last issued version that works with a slysoft license and that's 7695, or get a new license, or use a different solution. It's up to you.

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