AnyDVDHD Does Recognize Bluray Player Suddenly

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    AnyDVDHD Doesn't Recognize Bluray Player Suddenly (solved)

    Went to make and ISO of a new Bluray today and AnyDVDHD doesn't see my Bluray drive. Same drive as always with no changes. Current version of AnyDVDHD

    D:ASUS BW-16D1ht 1.01 is what AnyDVD shows it as the source drive but it gives this error when I attempt to copy: "Drive D: is not ready!"

    The same movie plays fine using that drive and PowerDVD and it is recognized by the Windows Explorer.

    I rebooted twice, no change in behavior.



    The problem was AnyDVDHD was not enabled. Right click on the icon in the taskbar and enabled now. I have no idea how it was disabled as I don't recall ever doing it, or even knowing I could do it.
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