AnyDVDHD fixed Last Jedi UHD read errors

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    I've been having problems getting The Last Jedi UHD (Bestbuy Steelbook) to rip without errors. I've had the disc replaced three times. Prior to I was able to create a useable MP4 of just the movie by directly accessing the original disc from Clone BD (with AnyDVDHD running of couse). gave me read verify errors within the first minute or so. I replaced the disc and had same results with the new one (3rd overall). got through about half of the disc (Rip to Image), but then started throwing many errors. When I noticed the was out today I decided to try it again on the same disc. It completed without errors - yippee. I've attached a log just for grins. Now to try making movie only MP4 from the new ISO. Thanks again RedFox!

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