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  1. :agree: Just a note to share my satisfaction with AnyDVD. It's the most intuitive program on my system. It works! and that is a strong statement for anyone ever having problems with software or hardware not allowing completion of their task. It runs idle all the time on my system and I never have to even look at it. I just perform my tasks and AnyDVD works it's majic. It is so modestly priced as well. The upgrades keep on coming so you know that Slysoft is constantly fixing flaws and keeping up with current changes in the industry. Simply download these updates and install over your current copy and you're all set. I have not run into any problems with the software for my tasks. There are times when Click To DVD has tracking issues but that particular program can be finnicky. I have discovered certain blank media that has compatibility issues with my hardware so now I can steer clear of those. AnyDVD is one of the best software purchases I've made.
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    We are very happy you are pleased , if I can be of any help, please do not hesitate to post.:clap:
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    I would gladly pay for and/or help develop a Linux version. AnyDVD is superb and already works in a very unixy way (see the parallel with libdvddecss for example). It is the only reason I have to keep Windows around anymore; even that is living in a VMWare session. But yeah, this program is excellent and frankly I see SlySoft as our front-line warriors in the cold war against DRM. Others may whine about the frequent updates but I see them in the mail and smile and cheer on the valiant lads at SlySoft because each mail from them usually means a victory for 'our' side...:bowdown:
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    You are preaching to the converted.
    Also I welcome myself to this most illustrious forum.
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    I agree 1000% This is just the best there is.!!

    Keep up the good work guys.!

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    Two thumbs up here! And on the eight day God created SLYSOFT:bowdown: