AnyDVD work for VHS?

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by evaughn21, May 10, 2007.

  1. evaughn21

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    Does anyone know if AnyDVD works to remove the macrovison encription of VHS tapes? I am wanting to copy all my old VHS movies to DVD but it keeps erroring out. Does Slysoft make anything that would do this? Any suggestions would be very much appreciated...Thanks!
  2. sneakers

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    Nope. Slysoft only does dvds.
  3. ace1up

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    Hi If you have a video camera that has video and audio inputs you can record the old tapes to that sourse the cameras do not detect copyguards.

    of course its better to use a Hi8 camcorder or digital mini.

    After you have done this hook your camera up to your computer thats if you can, then capture the tape then you will need to mpeg the movie then burn.

    (you will need the proper software to capture and mpeg)

    I know it seems alot to do but it works

    I have done this but most of the time after I have recorded the tape I hook up my camera to my home dvd recorder....again works great

  4. tcrowley

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    You need a digital video stabilizer.
    I have used the Digital Video Stabilizer RX11 for years to back up my video collection. It can be used to transfer VHS tapes to DVD.Use a google search to find a dealer. It's simple to use.The diagram on the RX11 shows the hook up. It takes a 9 volt battery.