AnyDVD with Shrink and Nero Recode

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    From some investigating on AV Science: You have the incompatability close but "sideways". :D ie The issue isn't Shrink vs Nero Recode as they are "redundant" programs that do the essentially same thing (rip and transcode). What Nero DID do (that you alluded to) was to make the Nero 7 Burning ROM no longer able to be hooked to directly by Shrink. Nero Recode *will* hook directly to the Nero 7 Buring ROM, much the same way Shrink did with Nero 5x and nero 6x. So ya you had it close. In other words... they want to move people that upgrade to Nero 7 away from Shrink over to Nero Recode.
    Makes perfect sence now.

    What's going on behind the scenes in the larger AV community, however, is that many users just don't (yet?) trust the transcoding portion of Nero Recode to be as good as the transcoder in Shrink. This may be based only on superstition or bias inertia, or even cost - who knows? <shrug> But the fact remains that the MPEG video on the DVD's hasn't changed (and won't change)a lick since Shrink came out, MPEG2 is a stable format. Sooo... if the DVDShrink dood perfected the MPEG transcoder for Shrink - there is no compelling reason to believe he got it any "better" for Nero Recode. (The transcoder in CloneDVD isn't even taking bets to show in that race.) This perhaps only because of the user inertia that the DVDShrink transcoder got, that inertia now being SLOWLY shifted to the transcoder portion of Nero Recode.

    It seems the real problem with Shrink has appeared with the "ripper portion" of the program, and only vs the new COPY PROTECTION scheme on SAW3 and Open Season (so far). But again, this problem goes beyond Shrink and a few other older rippers. Last time I checked you *still* can't rip those DVD's to a folder just using AnyDVD and Windows Explorer iether. And that's a problem (in and of itself) that AnyDVD needs to look at.

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    He didn't. No one has. I am of the opinion Procoder is the best encoder and Recode is the best transcoder, but that doesn't mean
    these programs can't improve quality and speed. Recode has walked away from Shrink in terms of the amount of time required to transcode and achieve the same results as Shrink.

    This is debatable. The picture quality is approximately the same. However, Recode's been in development for a longer period of time, and there's every reason to believe that since early versions of Recode 2, two of Shrink's four options are enabled automatically in Recode at around a 70% compression level, which makes quality choices a lot easier for Recode users. Also, Recode is faster. This is an old test, and I, personally, haven't run a comparison between the two programs since sometime in mid-2006, but my findings were the similar:


    Then they are sadly misinformed, unless you are generalizing.

    Almost all valid tests indicate similar quality and faster transcoding times for Recode.
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    Like I said... it could be more "attitude inertia" than a real quality difference.

    Nice link! Looking a the pics... I can't see a difference. Assuming the transcode quality is "about the same" between Shrink and the new Nero Recode.... then Recode has the advantage of Speed.... and Shrink has the advantage of Price. Depends on the individual. <shrug>

    I wanna try Recode... as soon as I can figure out the "free upgrade" from 6.x.x.x thingie.

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    I tried it...

    I wanna try Recode... as soon as I can figure out the "free upgrade" from 6.x.x.x thingie.


    FYI...I did the upgrade "thingie"...and, after the upgrade package 2 (that contains Recode) was installed, and I clicked on the Recode feature, it "told me"..."your demo has expired"
    screw Recode (I uninstalled it)
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    You already have Nero in your sig (which I'm guessing is the full suite). Therefore, you already have that exact same version of Recode and updating wouldn't have done anything for you.
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    I posted this the other day, but will be a little more specific now since I wanted to wait until I had a copy of Open Season to make sure. I have used this combination since AnyDVD first came out and have never had a problem once James updated AnyDVD for a particular movie.

    AnyDVD + DVDFAB Decrypter + Shrink

    I get a perfect copy of the entire disc everytime. Worked with SAW III like I previously posted and just worked backing up Open Season. DVDFAB is the free version, so I hope this helps some.
  7. Clams

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    Got a link to a clean download of that particular DVDFAB version?

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    DVD Fab Decrypter has a new version 1/28/07

    "DVDFab Decrypter
    What's New:
    * New: Improved copy protection removal engine.
    * New: Added support for a new copy protection as found on "Saw III" (US).
    * New: Batch processing for "DVD to Mobile", now you can convert several titles of several sources at one time.
    * New: Configure profile automatically for "DVD to Mobile".
    * New: "Set as Default" to save the customized profile.
    * New: "Reset DMA" to restore fast DVD reading speed.
    * New: Updated language files.
    * Fix: A crash problem when converting AVI with IDX/SUB subtitle.
    * Fix: Several minor problems.

    Here is a direct link to the free version
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    This had degraded into strictly a discussion of "3rd Party Software".

    I'd love it if you and Skeetman could join me in a continuation of this in the 3rd party forum provided - so we keep Webslinger outta trouble. :D

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    I have moved the posts to Third party software. :clap: The thread is called AnyDVD with Shrink and Recode
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    I have both Recode and DVD Shrink and can attest to the value of is a great program. It took me a while to move away from DVD Shrink, but once Imgburn introduced build mode I use it more and more.