anydvd with powerdvd- skip menus on hard drive dvd copies?

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by iansilv, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. iansilv

    iansilv Well-Known Member

    Hi- if I am copying the full dvd to the hard drive, can anydvd work withpowerdvd to skip the menu ont he dvd?
  2. DetroitBaseball

    DetroitBaseball Well-Known Member

    AnyDVD cannot remove that menu.
  3. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    Although I've never tried the following, this should work:

    1. Rip to ISO and mount it in Virtual CloneDrive
    2. Set Anydvd to "Jump Directly to Main Movie"

    visit (free program)
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  4. DetroitBaseball

    DetroitBaseball Well-Known Member

    The poster didn't mention Virtual CloneDrive though.
  5. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    It's one alternative solution, since he or she is already ripping a full disc to the harddrive.
  6. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Why do you want to rip? PowerDVD works with AnyDVD right from the original disc.
    EDIT: Forgive me, I haven't read the OP thoughtfully.