AnyDVD will not start without a DVD-drive (after removing Virtual CloneDrive)

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by Jappa, Jun 28, 2020.

  1. Jappa

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    After uninstall of Virtual CloneDrive I was unable to start AnyDVD (AnyDVD-autostart was disabled at that moment). There was a message about the missing VCD-drive but that was it.
    Solved by reinstalling AnyDVD and the (required) reboot of my PC. I could enter the settings of AnyDVD and make adjustments (like: Autostart and disable warning about missing DVD-drives).
    How did I get into this situation? I have a USB DVD-drive but it is not connected (only when needed). I had Virtual CloneDrive installed, so there was always a 'drive' present. But, after Windows 10-2004 update I had 'bluescreens' when rebooting or shutting down Windows. Driver issue. VCD removed, system OK.
    So: my PC has no DVD-drives. And I wanted to start AnyDVD...
    Maybe a new stuation for AnyDVD: Windows 10 does not need a (virtual) DVD-drive present. Just rightclick on a DVD.iso, choose open with Explorer and there it is, a virtual drive: "MSFT VIRTUAL DVD-ROM 1.0".
    It works great when AnyDVD is active! It scans the new drive at once.
  2. Ch3vr0n

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    Compared to VCD, the microsoft one is rudimentary at best, and afaik often doesn't work well with AnyDVD's operations.

    That said, VCD and AnyDVD work just fine here on my complicated hardware setup on v2004
  3. James

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    I tried to reproduce this, but AnyDVD starts just fine without an optical drive. I tested version
    If you get "blu screens" with VCD, something is very wrong with your machine. You could post an AnyDVD logfile from a random disc.