Anydvd vs. Anydvd HD

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    I was just wondering,will the 2 programs,after full development, be separate, or will anydvd eventually be absorbed into the HD version?
    Will poor,overworked James and his team now have to update 2 different programs?
    Once again, my sincere thanks for such great programs and support!:bowdown:
  2. Achernar

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    From what has been said, there are no 2 programs, which are separate. There is (and will be) only one version of the setup to download.
    Depending on the license key, AnyDVD will work either in DVD-only mode (with HD functions disabled - as AnyDVD) or in HD DVD + DVD mode (with HD capabilities enabled - as AnyDVD HD).
    Every update, whether DVD or HD related, will be done on the same program, whose setup will then be available for download/update to end-users.

    That's my picture of it, anyway... 8)
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    This is correct as there is no information for this I hit a good ballpark figure of a possible upgrade purchase and my speculation is no more than 20.00 USD.
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    We will know soon enough, remember it will just be 1 version you will need to buy the AnyDVDhd key to activate the hd functions, the AnyDVD key that you have will work just fine if you do not need the HD.