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  1. AnotherFox

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    I've been contemplating purchasing AnyDVD for several months now, and I think I'm ready to do so. However, I'm confused by the descriptions I see.

    AnyDVD HD says it has all the functionality of AnyDVD, plus various other features. Yet it costs less. How can this be? Is it or is it not an add-on to AnyDVD?

    Can I use AnyDVD HD as a standalone with regular DVDs?

  2. Webslinger

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    No. It costs $30 extra.

    Anydvd and Anydvd HD share the same downloadable executable file. The difference is Anydvd HD's license key unlocks all the features in the program.
  3. calcu007

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    You need to pay $49 for anydvd and $30 extra if you want the HD features
  4. AnotherFox

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    Thank you for clarifying.