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    The problems I am having with AnyDVD are: When I back up DVD's to my hard drive and replay them on my computer it seems to work fine!! When I burn them to a DVD I will have all the movie previews and freeze spots in the DVD, so I don't get a good quality back-up. Does anyone else have this problem. I have made sure the box is checked for removing all the previews & blank cells. What should I do??:confused:
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    What your describing is usualy related to one or more of the following, burning to fast, using low quality media, your burners firmware not up to date, it could also be that your stand alone dvd player is either picky about playing back ups or it doesnt like the media your using. If it plays back fine on your pc then AnyDvd has done its job. Try slowing your burn speed down to half your medias rated burn speed, for example if your using 16X media select 8X burn speed, if using 8X media select 4X burn speed, if that doesnt help try some good media like Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden, also check and see if your burner has any firmware update available and if so then update it to the latest version available. What program are you using to copy & burn your movie with?
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