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AnyDVD verseion problem?

mic j

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Mar 16, 2007
I just wanted to post this so that it may help some others that are having problems with AnyDVD recognizing discs.
Background: I started having problems a couple of months back. The commercial DVD's would not be recognized by AnyDVD. AnyDVD would give me an error message saying the my region code was not set properly or the disc might need to be cleaned. At the time I just thought I was getting a lot of crappy media. Then it was happening so often and with discs I was sure were good, that I suspected the newer AnyDVD versions to be the problem because in the past, I had had absolutely no problems ripping discs. I would put the same disc in and out of the drive multiple times sometimes with AnyDVD installed sometimes without it installed. Sometimes my drive would recognize the disc sometimes it wouldn't, with or without AnyDVD installed. I confirmed I had the latest firmware for the drive. I did. Well...I ordered a new drive, installed it...problem solved!!! All along it was an intermittently working drive problem and not AnyDVD. The drive was around 3-4 years old. So keep in mind that it can be your drive that is going bad. Oh..by the way, I discovered it would recognize cd's either, so that is another test you can run.