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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by bwald, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. bwald

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    I just purchased anydvd 2 weeks ago and would like to know how the updates work. I can't find anything on it. on the web or in the program. Is it automatic or manual? How do I manually get updates?

  2. KoRn

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  3. Blazkowicz

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    AnyDVD only noticing you about a new update, you have to download and install update by yourself.

    But according to James it is planned to have updates like antivirus.
  4. bwald

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    Thanks. How can I read whick version I have? right clicking on propertires tells me nothing.

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  5. bwald

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    I found it in the Information folder
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  6. DetroitBaseball

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    When did he say this? It sounds interesting, as it would be easier.
  7. mmdavis

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    You will also receive an email telling you an update is available, what the update was for, and gives the link to the download page from Slysoft. There were many people previously that complained they were getting too many notifications about updates. So don't worry, you will know when one is available. :agree:
  8. Webslinger

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    If you allow Anydvd to have access to the internet, when Anydvd loads up it will check to see if a new version is available. In Anydvd's "program settings", ensure "Automatically check for new AnyDVD Version" is enabled. You will be alerted automatically. :clap:

    All Slysoft products function in the same manner, if they are allowed access to the internet.
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  9. Blazkowicz

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    Can't find thread now or maybe it was only my imagination :(
  10. Androo79

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    Hover over the red fox down in the bottom right of your screen and it will display the version.
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  11. jwhit

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    you can also right click on the Fox in your tray and choose "settings" then highlight "Information" on the left side of the window.