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Jan 28, 2007
I have never had a problem with an update before the last one. I use a Gateway laptop 4024. After my last update, I would go through the motion of the complete backup, but when I go to check my backup copy, it wouldn't play on any players. This is the first time I had to delete an update because it wouldn't play after I made the copy.
If we were psychics we could help you. Unfortunately we're not. You're going to have to leave a lot more information. What kind of DVD brands do you use? Is your firmware up to date? What speeds are you burning at? Does the rip play properly on your computer?
In addition, you should supply the title you were trying to archive. Also, did you revert back to an earlier version, if so, which? And did the archive copy work using the reverted version?

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My bad, I was using Memorex disc at the time. I never have a problem with them. The movie was Bandidas, I had already made a backup of it before. I wa burning atr 16x, the speed I normally use. I ended up restoring my computer to an earlier date, and used anydvd 6100 and clone2903 and I was able to make the backup.
:D I've never had a problem making backups, as I stated, my discs were not the problem. I had the latest version of anydvd to start. For some reason 6125 just didn't want to work in my laptop. I also use it on my desktop, an HP and I've never had a problem. As soon as I went to an earlier version of anydvd, I was able to make a backup.
Memorex is very bad. You can still keep using the stuff if you want bad quality media. As I said, if you follow the golden rules you should do fine. AnyDVD won't mess with the burn anyway.