AnyDVD UHD Leaked Key Progress

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    I lost my keys today. Got to pick them up at Sony.... :ROFLMAO:
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    Leaked keys, not lost keys LOL:ROFLMAO::LOL::thankyou:
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    If you don’t already know, DeUHD is now becoming redundant as MakeMKV now supports it’s own hashed based keys system and someone is supplying the keys to them using DeUHD to obtain them. Meaning all discs that DeUHD can decrypt can now be done by MakeMKV.
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    MakeMKV is getting it's own keys from user provided dumps - they are independent of any other method and not supplied by DeUHD.

    Edit: Example - The Nolan Batman films (among others) are in the MakeMKV list but not supported by DeUHD or on the leaked VUK list.
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    One of the 'supplier' is using DeUHD to get them though...
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    Users supply their own disc dumps for unsupported discs, MakeMKV creates these dumps for the user to send, you don't need DeUHD in any way.
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    I'd be interested to know why you believe this, but from what I understand <thirdpartyproductthatstartswithD> doesn't provide decryption on a per-user basis, but rather when a user encounters a disc that isn't supported yet they send <thirdpartyproductthatstartswithD> a dump of certain disc data after which aforementioned software periodically updates their database and software for all users who can then decrypt that title.

    With that in mind if <otherthirdpartyproduct> were using them as a source then any other user would also be able to decrypt the same title, since the software is updated for everyone. But since it's been demonstrated that certain titles have only been decryptable with <otherthirdpartproduct> then it would seem they do indeed have their own method.

    Self-censored since my earlier post was modified anyway by a mod so figured I'd do it for them :p
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    The hashed key list has all my discs except one uhd set for which I submitted dumps. I don't use deuhd nor did I ever intend to. We'll see how soon my unsupported discs end up being supported in the hash key list. I've been able to uh make mkv's of all my uhd's except the set I submitted. Truly hoping anydvd is able to provide similar support soon and have it automatically done like it does for Blu-ray now. That would be ideal.

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    Dear all, how is the opinion in this part of the forum, is it highly recommended to buy a user friendly drive NOW with suitable firmwares, or can we expect, that this is somewhen not important anymore when things got settled?
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    No one can foresee what the future has in store but I've seen two methods currently of downgrading the UHD-blocking version of firmware for a certain drive models, however I've yet to read a successful downgrade using them apart from a couple users—the ones who posted the downgrade steps in the first place. They might work, but unless more can reproduce it successfully I'm not sure I'd recommend it just yet.

    Given that, I'd personally just bypass the hassle and risk of firmware flashing and buy a UHD-friendly drive now while they're compatible (keeping in the mind the firmware version varies with the date of production so best to double-check which are still compatible).
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    I use DeUHD (or maybe used too now) and I can confirm that Mike is in no way getting key information from DeUHD. I provided him all 201 of my discs as dumps through MakeMKV and in 24 hours provided hashed keys for all of them.
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    2018 is beginning to look like a prosperous year for backing up your legally owned UHD disc. This a real downer for DeUHD I bet.
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    It is a potential killshot. The only advantage DeUHD still holds is the ability to backup to ISO which means preserving Dolby Vision playback.
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    MakeMKV can do a full disc backup, no? (albeit to a directory structure, not an ISO) ... but at least the entire disc is ripped, just like with DeUHD.
  17. Balthazar2k4

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    Yes, but the MKV specification currently does not support Dolby Vision.

    In fact, based on a conversation with Moritz that doesn't look to be happening anytime soon (or at all).
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    For me, for now, I'm playing the largest m2ts file in the STREAM directory with my Oppo 203, or using my AppleTV4K with Infuse to load the rip...and they seem to play OK, which is nice.
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    Is there currently any file (container?) type that has all the features of MKV AND supports Dolby Vision?
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    No. Part of the problem is that Dolby has not made the specifications public and therefore integrating support into any container beyond a transport stream isn't possible.