AnyDVD UHD Leaked Key Progress

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    Try post 450 in this thread!!
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    I haven't seen any posts mentioning v1.00 as being an inferior version of the firmware for ripping so I'd just stick with it to be honest. The only posts I've seen about improving rip speeds have been when users have tried 'cross-flashing' the firmware to the Asus BW-16D1HT firmware, mentioned earlier in the topic, though there haven't been that many who've tried it.
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    The tool is obviously wrong.
    It's not beyond human understanding that your drive is NOT UHD friendly ...which on the other hand is cool if you want to have a drive capable of performing disc quality scans (after crossflashing to a WH16NS48):
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    According to a firmware thread over at MyCE(, there was a firmware 1.03-C0 for SVC NS40 (non-UHD) drives released more than a year ago. There is also a firmware 1.03-00 for SVC NS50 (UHD-friendly) drives released this year. So LG released two different 1.03 firmwares for their two very different BH16NS40 drives. I don't know why updating model numbers when they update hardware is so difficult...
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    Your procedure worked for me to get the wh14ns40 svc 50 back to 1.02 firmware. However, the eeprom erase crushed the calibration data so disks can no longer be read. I probably should have made a backup.
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    For those having reading issues on BH16NS55 (or any other similar device with SVC Code NS50), here is my dump (1.02) with all laser calibration data which should work also on other LG devices.

    If it works, you can then use the patched flasher under Windows to load any other similar firmware (like the 3.00 Asus or other versions).

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    Have you modified the firmware?
    The original firmware of this drive provided by you in one of your previous posts has a different checksum.
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    I've added the calibration data for those who need to flash via DOSFLASH (in this case the laser calibration data are needed),
    while if you flash it under Windows, it keeps the previous laser calibration data and upgrades only the firmware version.
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    OK, thanks.
    I guess the first dump was made with Devilsclaw's LG Renesas Drive Utility (Flasher) without any modification to the original firmware.
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    Awesome this worked for me! Thanks
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    No. Fixing discs is a fundamentally different thing than hacking into computers.
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    Unlikely as that's a hardware bug in the CPU design. Has nothing to do with optical drives and aacs 2.0

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    Where can the updated/fixed flasher program be obtained?
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    New keys were just posted in the usual spot.
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    With a cryptic message saying "magic spring dries out..."
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    Not sure that it is cryptic at all. I think he is out or done. Either way I wouldn't expect anymore from that source...
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    Sometimes you never know who is reading public forums like this one or Doom9:cautious::cautious::rolleyes:
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    And a rather ominous statement from Konsts " magic spring dries out..."
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    Yup. If he's no longer able to provide keys, so be it, but we should be thankful for the wealth of keys he provided. Maybe it'll help those looking for new methods, maybe it won't. But it's at least more than we had before.