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    HDR will blow out whites in a photo but in person there's detail. Your camera has to lower overall brightness to try to show black detail and windows detail. I still think HDR is not a huge difference. It's a different animal. Basically you see inside and out the windows or the ground and sky exposed with detail and detail in super bright areas. That's it. Lol
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    Of course my files have HDR and WCG and are 10bit.
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    I cannot get madvr to work in GPU acceleration for amd rx470. My CPU cannot handle 4k thru software mode
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    What hardware you running to get madvr to work? Are you using madvr in software mode for CPU decoding or you running GPU decoding in madvr? I had to give up on madvr for 4k because AMD Rx Polaris drivers cause a black screen with madvr. Tried everything to get it to work without success. So I went directx route with custom presenter filter and lav video filter with hardware decoding. I get 0 dropped frames this way. I'm always willing to learn....
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    I have no idea if your gpu is hevc and hdr capable. Mine(gtx1070) is and this is how my pc is set. (see pictures)

    My tv and my hdr projector turn on HDR when playing a file this way and quality is perfect!

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    Maybe I'll have to wait for amd to fix it's driver. Grrr. I know there is HDR pass thru in madvr. What video card do you run? Never Mind gtx....... Checking you attachments.... On my cell......
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    Thank-you I'll try these on weekend. Av video filter .23 on lav and ordered 0-255 color can't wait to try these.....thks
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    Funny just update window creator update and need to check in windows 10 display options for HDR option. That's a new option!
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    yup, no need to use the nvidia script anymore to force hdr.
    And with the HDR option activated, Movies and tv app and powerdvd 17 can play HDR mkv file perfectly.
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    So once HDR meta data is forced into an HDR capture switching can now be done properly. I still like the idea of having xbr vivid mode on HDR files....but good to know this. Once again thankyou
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    Yup, a projector... :p:p
    A tiny 70 or 80 inch display just wasn't going to cut the mustard, plus the fact that anything of that size was just too big to fit up the stair well.
    I've seen HDR on a Samsung curved screen _ "Fantastic Beasts" _ I just wasn't impressed.
    I went home and put the Blu-ray in of that same movie (MPC-HC/MadVR) while the image was still fresh in my mind _ mine looked pretty good.
    Only by direct comparison would I be able to see any difference.

    The industry was pushing 4K, look at that resolution ! Every one said "big deal".
    So they had to come up with a new angle "WOW" HDR wider colour gamut.

    Where others are complaining about colour banding with UHD eg. "The Martian" there was none on my Sony 300es.

    What's important to me is detail, I hate fuzzy looking trees in the back ground, I want my trees to look like the real ones on the mountains out my kitchen window.
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    Im NOT impressed with Samsung TV's full stop.

    Also, all the models I have seen have the same issue and that is a 'one frame' lock with change of scene, very annoying.
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    ok got 4k hdr enabled in windows 10 but man it looks like dull shit on the desktop but media movie player for windows 10 passed hdr meta data and the color looks exactly like my mpc hdr settings. I would rather have hdr with no meta data running in RGB 4:4:4 and have my desktop look beautiful and simply load the reg 4k settings and reg bluray settings and have access to my vivid mode for xbr sony tv. No offense. So you have to goto display options in win10 desktop and slide the hdr to on. Then the desktop looks washed out. Put hdr in media player 10 and voila birght colors just like hdr disk.

    Its kinda funny. Log washed out footage in mpc with my settings its basically hdr. Set mpc to hdr colors leave desktop default. Set desktop to hdr leave colors default. So its basically the same. Windows is only changing the colors profiles with hdr. My tv does say hdr with windows 10 slider set to hdr and like I said the whole desktop looks like shit. Slide hdr tab off tv goes to normal mode and colors look great. Apply my mpc hdr settings and you get desktop looking great and the hdr video looking even better as you can control the backlighting more in daylight filled back lights hitting the tv. In windows hdr it locks the tv panel out and your stuck with what the producer gives you. Ill pass on enabling hdr on pc. Have fun anyone who want to keep sliding the hdr over to on every time you want to watch a movie.

    What I suggest for those capturing hdr material foget adding hdr injection into the file. If you do ....... do you really want to have to keep changing the windows hdr slider? Each to there own. Ill just use my hdr uhd hardware player and leave my pc for movies. If I need hdr enabled movie Ill just use my mpc settings. I tried mpc with madvr and black screen even with hdr tab to on. It only worked in windows media and movie player.

    Another thing is play hdr movie in windows 10 player the reds are overkill and blacks are crushed but slide that hdr to on in deisplay otions and play it again and everything matches exactly like my mpc settings. HDR is a joke if all it is is brightness contrast and saturation levels. Big mystery ...... The only thing now that ive tested this stuff is you get 4k resolution. I suggest custom presenter filter and direct x checked to get 0 dropped frames. When you run rx card and update to latest driver with win10 creator update the hdr tab will be there to set. if you pull up the graph by pressing ctrl J you will see that with my settings the line is smooth and no jitter. Each to their own. Nvidia can use mpc madvr but amd users should use my settings.

    One more thing. If you inject an hdr file with too high nit value (mx CL)(min CL) values you risk damaging the pixels on your hdr tv. Too high a value will heat up the panel and burn out the led damaging your panel.

    If you need rec 2020 simple enable that option in your hdr sony xbr tv if the movie was recorded in the wide gamut. Otherwise leave it default as normal blurays the faces will look scarlet fever.
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    To what ive seen HDR is such a minor difference. You get detail in the shadows and the light. But its nothing to want to spend huge money on to get. Even 1080p 10 feet back looks great and 4k still is cleaner picture but only close up. My eyes cannot see the benefits from 11 feet back form my setup. Oh well I own a uhd player now and some uhd movies........ oh and the colors are a tad more intense....
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    The problem I was talking about with Samsung TV's is a freeze in motion for 'one frame' on a change of scene.
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    That sucks. Could be a bad capacitor on the main board
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    Meanwhile the full eco-system for playing 4K/UHD - Blu-ray including HDR on a PC is available: Motherboard, CPU/GPU, player, software. Now many people hope and wait for a future version of AnyDVD supporting 4K/UHD including HDR. But the requirements and sticking points seem to be very high and it´s not sure whether it will be possible at all - or at least with reduced functions.
    With respect to that here some thoughts, specially concerning the function of ripping:

    1. Best would be full functionality as known from AnyDVD/AnyDVDHD: Playing and ripping a physical disk and playing the ripped copy from storage on (nearly) every PC.
    If this will not be possible:

    2. Playing and ripping the physical disk only on a PC, which fulfills all the requirements, but playing the ripped copy from storage on (nearly) every PC.
    If this will not be possible, too:

    3. Playing and ripping the physical disk and playing the ripped copy from storage only on a PC, which fulfills all the requirements.

    Even the third alternative would be better than nothing because it allows to make a digital (security) copy and play it at any time and as often as you like without using the physical disk.
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    LOL deff not, besides ALL Samsung TV's have the same problem.

    What is astonishing is that a lot of people don't notice it, most on here would definitely notice.