Anydvd to VOB file?

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    I am having trouble with my Anydvd. On one of my computers my combination of anydvd and dvd shrink encodes to a VOB file and on another it encodes to a Nero showtime file. I have the exact same settings and programs on both computers. Any idea why this is? Thanks for the help.
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    I think I have a pretty good idea about this one. On one PC you have no association set up for VOB file, so it is just shown as a VOB file. However, on the other PC you might have a Nero player or software configured as a default app if you double-click on that VOB file.

    On my PC, VOB is shown as an MPEG file that is played by PowerDVD. Nothing to worry about mate :)
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    AnyDVD & Shrink should not be able to create a Nero Showtime specific formatted output. Are you sure that on one system a file format hasn't been associated with Nero Showtime while on the other system it hasn't?

    A normal DVD consists of BUP, IFO and VOB files. Or, alternatively, you can create a disc image (ISO). Neither of these is specific to Nero Showtime although you can play both with it.