AnyDVD scan same discs multiple times when I load lots of ISO files with DTCommandline

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by lifegpc, Oct 18, 2020.

  1. lifegpc

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    After AnyDVD scan all discs, AnyDVD will scans again maybe minutes later.
    The batch script which load ISOs:
    @echo off
    set a="C:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools Lite\DTCommandLine.exe"
    set b=%a% -m -p
    set c=%a% -a -t "scsi"
    %a% -R
    call :f "E:\Strawberry JAM\BD\KIZC_277.iso"
    call :f "E:\Happy JAM\BD\KIXM_219.iso"
    call :f "G:\blue avenue live\BDROM.iso"
    call :f "G:\opportunity\opportunity.iso"
    call :f "G:\ココベース\BD\BD ROM.iso"
    call :f "G:\星空☆ディスティネーション\DVD\DVD VIDEO.iso"
    call :f "E:\BTsync\香菜资源汇总\CD\Silent Snow\DVD镜像\DVD_VIDEO.ISO"
    call :f "E:\BTsync\香菜资源汇总\CD\恋する惑星\DVD镜像\DVD_VIDEO.ISO"
    call :f "G:\25live\cd_bd.iso"
    call :f "G:\こきゅうとす\DVD\DVD_VIDEO.ISO"
    call :f "E:\BTsync\香菜资源汇总\CD\君がいなくちゃだめなんだ\DVD镜像\DVD_VIDEO.ISO"
    call :f "E:\BTsync\香菜资源汇总\CD\Blue Avenue\BD镜像\Blue Avenue.iso"
    call :f "E:\BTsync\香菜资源汇总\CD\透明な女の子\DVD镜像\DVD_VIDEO.ISO"
    call :f "G:\春に愛されるひとに わたしはなりたい\DVD\DVD_VIDEO.iso"
    call :f "G:\大丈夫\DVD\DVD_VIDEO.iso"
    call :f "G:\ココベース\DVD\DVD VIDEO.iso"
    call :f "G:\Honey Come!!\DVD\SDG_10479.iso"
    call :f "G:\Cherry Passport\BD\BD_VIDEO.iso"
    call :f "G:\Cherry×Airline\Platinum Airline☆\BD\KIXM_333.iso"
    call :f "G:\Cherry×Airline\Smiley Cherry\BD\KIXM_334.iso"
    %b% %1
    echo %1
    if %ERRORLEVEL% NEQ 0 (
        exit /B %ERRORLEVEL%
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    I use AnyDVD