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AnyDVD Saying It Can't Read A Disk


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Mar 1, 2007
I am having a problem with my AnyDVD ( reading "Crank." The disk works fine (Watched whole movie) as long as I don't have AnyDVD running. As soon as I start up AnyDVD it gives me an error stating that the media is bad. If I have AnyDVD running I cannot get my PowerDVD to read the disk either. When I turn AnyDVD off everything works fine again. Below is the exact error message that I am getting.


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Have you tried a different software? You might have a bad (Dirty-Damaged) source disc.
CloneDVD won't work either. Just freezes as if it can't read the disk. When I turn AnyDVD off it says that it can't do anything because it is copyrighted. I think my source disk should be good as I can watch the movie with AnyDVD turned off.
Watching and copying are 2 different ordeals. you can be able to watch a bad disc but it might be impossible to copy it.
That is maybe what is wrong then. I thought it just seemed odd that my dvd playing software won't work when AnyDVD is running, yet works when it is not running. The disk is physically in good shape, but who knows. Could be something wrong with it then.
In the area where you can select titles remove any black screens and see if it works then, it did for me
this is the same exact problem when i try to burn stanger then fiction.i posted a reply in that section before finding this thread.i tried alot of other movies and they work np.im going to try getting a new disc and see if this was the problem.i also tried 2 pcs and same exact error
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