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AnyDVD Rocks!!


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Jan 28, 2007
I recently found an old cheaper lower end software that I tossed aside about four years ago because it could not get passed CCS encryption! I even used it with another windows based driver and had little or no luck! Anyway I decided to try it with Any DVD and to my amazement it functioned very well and I was impressed by what it did ! It copied older movies just fine, but had little success with newer ones (as expected). Never the less AnyDVD worked wonders for this 2001 lower end software and was remarkably compatible! Just another reminder of the amazement SlySoft has produced! I really have a new found respect for these guys!!! Too bad I didn't have AnyDVD back then to release the full potential of this forgotten software!!
And what is the name of this now forgotten old cheaper lower end software from the treasure bin?
If you do not mind me asking.
InterVideo DVD COPY!

On sale for $9.99 and yes this version very basic and simple! I understand that Intervideo has better more advanced programs now, but this sucked as much as Roxio! DVD43free helped a little, but not much.Try it,you might find it on Ebay for 99 cents!
Thanx but no thanx 8)
Yes, indeed it was fast and simple. Problem was it produced only coasters for me. And wasted DVD’s was expensive back then. Now you are spoilt for choice.

Sheesh – how long will it take before hd-dvd burning will be mainstream I wonder?