Anydvd (RedFox?) and UHD/AACS 2.0 - There is hope

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Ch3vr0n, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. Rudde

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    Well you might be out of luck when they get general encrypted memory tho, as AMD already have been announcing.
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  2. gereral1

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    I read the 4k papers. They are going to offer what Blu-ray offfersto stream 4k to devices. 256 bit encryption.... This is worse then Germany code machine
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    The bitmap data still has to be decrypted at some point the delivery chain or else you would not get anything that made sense to your display.
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  5. Ch3vr0n

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    please leave torrents out of this discussion. Attacking the HDCP part will do us 0 good, with protection still active, playback will simply not be possible
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    Let's worry about that when it actually gains some traction. As of right now these features have precisely ZERO market penetration because no supporting products are yet for sale. Once Ryzen goes on sale, we'll see how well it does sales-wise. Then it will take Intel responding and several years of sell-through for the market to support software vendors REQUIRING the use of such features.
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    I used physical discs for all my backups religiously for years. About two years ago I ditched bdrebuilder for mkv's to my NAS and PLEX and am way happier. My theory is if a hdd fails I can replace/rebuild and be back in business. ;-)
  8. w.s.k

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    Meanwhile the full eco-system for playing 4K/UHD - Blu-ray on a PC is available: Motherboard, CPU/GPU, player, software. Now many people hope and wait for a future version of AnyDVD supporting 4K/UHD. But the requirements and sticking points seem to be very high and it´s not sure whether it will be possible at all - or at least with reduced functions.
    With respect to that here some thoughts, specially concerning the function of ripping:

    1. Best would be full functionality as known from AnyDVD/AnyDVDHD: Playing and ripping a physical disk and playing the ripped copy from storage on (nearly) every PC.
    If this will not be possible:

    2. Playing and ripping the physical disk only on a PC, which fulfills all the requirements, but playing the ripped copy from storage on (nearly) every PC.
    If this will not be possible, too:

    3. Playing and ripping the physical disk and playing the ripped copy from storage only on a PC, which fulfills all the requirements.

    Even the third alternative would be better than nothing because it allows to make a digital (security) copy and play it at any time and as often as you like without using the physical disk.