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    Credit card transactions still are not working. i owned this product when it was sold by the original company. i was pleased to discover that the product had been resurrected by a new company and that there is a 20% Black Friday sale inprogress. I have been trying to buy the software but I can not pay via a credit card. I will NOT deal with any cryptocurrencies in order to buy this product. Several of my friends feel the same as me. You are leaving a lot of money on the table by not accepting credit card payments. Please fix this issue. You have many folks wanting to give you money but unable to do so. Perhaps you can set up a PayPal payment system if you can not accept credit cards.
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    This has been asked and answered a thousand times. Paypal refused to do business with Slysoft, so they certainly won't do business with Redfox.
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    Forgive me for having asked the question. I just signed onto the forum because I was unable to buy anydvd and pay for the software via credit card. I saw this thread from others with the same problem and was suggesting PayPal as a possible alternative to credit cards. I and many of my older friends want to buy this software but will not deal with cryptocurrencies.

    One thought may be for the owner of redfox to establish a Paypal account wherein he (not redfox) issues an invoice when someone buys the software, the invoice being sent to the purchaser who then pays the invoice and the money is deposited in the owner's account. Maybe that would get around the issue of Paypal not wanting to establish a credit card payment system with redfox. redfox is leaving lots of money on the table by only accepting crypto payments.
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    We understand and appreciate your willingness to purchase our software, but PayPal is not an option. We are confident that we will be in a position to offer credit card payments for those regions that are currently not covered, we are just not there yet. Thank you for your patience.
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    I hope when you finally resolve the problem that you will still offer the 20% discount to those of us that have tried to purchase the software with a credit card and were unsuccessful. I provided my email address to be notified when you can accept credit card payments. Thanks and enjoy your weekend.
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    I've given up banging this drum. All it took was to imagine I was Red Fox. I know what my customers want. I know that I am losing money daily. My hands are tied right now, but I am working to get a solution. I must accept I am losing money. Since there is currently nothing I can do to fix it, all I can do is nod my head sagely while people tell me I am losing out.

    Hope you guys figure it out soon.
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    I might suggest that the trial evaluation period for those in the affected regions be extended indefinitely until the CC payment issue is sorted out. Otherwise, people will be drawn to the other guys; I ended up buying a lifetime 5-pack from them because I needed a solution now.
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    I had a lifetime subscription to anydvd under the prior ownership company. I understand things can happen and I wished to support the new owners by repurchasing the software. I want to give them my money but they won’t (can’t) take it. Accordingly, I also did what others have done and purchased the competitive product.

    I still want to support this company and have been checking periodically whether the issue with accepting credit cards has been resolved. I’ve also submitted my email address at least 5 times to be notified when they resolve the issue. I just hope that when (if) they resolve the issue the sake (ir a similar new sale) will be ongoing.

    As an aside, I looked into setting up an account with Coinbase at one time to enable me to buy bitcoin or litecoin. Too cumbersome a process with having to provide Coinbase with my drivers license, a bank account, transferring US money to them, waiting for the transactions to complete, paying the fees associated with the buying and the sending of the currency. If it were possible to go into a store, such as, for example, Target, to buy a card with the crypto currency on it I would do it. But it’s just too difficult presently. Plus the value of the currency changes by the minute, making it impossible to figure out exactly how much US currency would need to be converted to bitcoin or litecoin to pay for the software and associated fees. If an easy way exists, please let me know.