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Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by xzener, May 19, 2019.

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    Just purchased AnyDVD lifetime license key (again, previous Slysoft member), and have run into trouble. After clicking purchase, the web page went to just this...

    16509511 202243 10900 EUR Captured Captured VPbACTTEoUtLsEkxOuVJG3v3bdBJsVUJ/bjAtpokeBo8ZdezWcqDBpWSJlLgQipWkC8xEt5NsvpS52EN4rUQTIazDeDSyRJvqHQ5iOQi8oTFTQaAH8CY34kOWX/RAisM2m5jawsIl41EtBo02RHeA6bf1rBlqMVkNn+fcV7/4zm2hAUXc4WZRrUSt95HVi/WLC9zMvAlA8dhQR8Jf7oOcR1BXxEzB0hfMhZExAy1IGSd3Ml5N5cSiFoQu//muAWzg8eqtbj++vGtRKFKZohcVHrxX9FmFAH7cQ4Wx91VWPQ7Mp<Removed some stuff in case its important>==

    The purchase is pending on my account... Just received a call from my bank asking If it was fraud by the way. I have not received any emails about a complete transaction. What do I need to do to get my key?

  2. xzener

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    I found the key... It was in the invisible spam folder that Outlook hides from you.

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    Glad you got the license finally. The message you've got is part of the encrypted response we are supposed to get from our PSP. Messages was malformed and that's why our system showed you the response as message.

    Thank you for supporting our project!
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