AnyDVD Protection Database 1.0 (beta)

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    And now read the first line of that quote again. 'with the database' (aka that file).

    You keep asking the same thing over and over just different wording. You seem to be forgetting that there have been numerous anydvd updates too.

    I already broke it down as much as it can be. So AGAIN.

    New BD releases AFTER the release of that file (aka the OPD copy) require an internet connection.
    All bd releases up to the release of that file will be handled by either the anydvd version of that time or an up-to-date one
    Anydvd version at the release of that file (ignoring the file itself) can l my handle DVD's released up to that time
    New DVD releases release AFTER the anydvd version at that time will require an updated anydvd

    I don't know what more you want to know

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  2. James

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    (And after admitting this, Fengtao will rip the file apart, so he can finally decrypt the last Homeland discs... ;) )

    Only if released / fixed / updated AFTER the latest AnyDVD version.

    Only UHD discs always require an internet connection.
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  3. James

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    To have you covered was the reason to release the OPD setup.

    (With UHD discs beeing the exception at this time. But these aren't even officially supported, they are "beta", so to speak)
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    Thank you for the clarification. That confirms what I suspected and thanks again for releasing the OPD file to provide a bit of insurance in uncertain times ;)!
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    O.k. as a final update for anyone who looks at this thread - I just rebuilt my HTPC with Win7SP1 clean install. Did a brand new install of the latest AnyDVD (as of this writing) and the OPD. Disconnected completely from network and loaded up a backup BD ISO of a movie released early this year (i.e. after the release of the OPD file) . System worked as expected WITHOUT having to hit the internet for anything. Thanks again to James and the Redfox crew!
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