AnyDVD Protection Database 1.0 (beta)

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  1. Michaelp800

    Michaelp800 Well-Known Member

    Nice one!

    Can you offer different versions of the offline database?
    A small one, like the current, and a bigger one with more supportet discs incl. DVDs?

    That would be very helpful for my AnyDVD copy on laptop.

    Thanks. :D
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  2. blank

    blank Well-Known Member

    If I understand correct you will only need this database as it is.
  3. Shadow Lord

    Shadow Lord Well-Known Member

    This is awesome. I actually came to the forums to specifically ask about this and bam there it is! A few clarifying questions if people would be nice enough to indulge me:

    1. AnyDVD does not need any helper files/internet connections for regular old DVDs, correct?
    2. This file should (hopefully) take care of any and all BD/HD discs (i.e. for those of us that make images with protection in tact) in the even of a internet connection, redfox going down, a pandemic virus, etc..., correct?
    3. If number two above is true then upon installing this file there is no longer a need for a local cache (or to backup it up in case of an emergency), correct?
    4. Can someone provide more detail as to why UHD discs need to be done online (or point me to a good resource on it)? I am pretty much a clean slate when it comes to UHD so maybe it is pretty obvious to everyone else!

    Thanks again and awesome job to James and crew!

    p.s. Not sure if there is an administrative reason for this but can this file be listed under the regular downloads page on the site so people can find it easier?
  4. mmdavis

    mmdavis Well-Known Member

    That one is easy, look at post #19 in this thread.
  5. Shadow Lord

    Shadow Lord Well-Known Member

    Don't follow - post 19 gives no reason (technical or other wise) as to why UHD discs need to be decrypted online - only that this file does not address UHD discs.
  6. Shadow Lord

    Shadow Lord Well-Known Member

    Really? No one can answer any of these questions? Or is it that everyone is worried abut getting Corona on the forums :D
  7. coopervid

    coopervid Well-Known Member

    That subject needs to be left alone. It is not appropriate in this forum to be discussed in public. That's my understanding.
  8. Shadow Lord

    Shadow Lord Well-Known Member


    Which subject? I don't believe I have touched on anything that has not been mentioned/discussed in some capacity before either in this thread or others on the board.

    Even if there is something that is "inappropriate" I am good with that but it would be nice for mods to chime in and answer questions they can (i.e. specific to products sold/supported on this forum) and indicate what is inappropriate.
  9. coopervid

    coopervid Well-Known Member

    Any information on UHD decryption is not supposed to be discussed as this would lead to further countermeasures against decryption.
  10. Shadow Lord

    Shadow Lord Well-Known Member

    Cool. So how about questions 1-3? Or the question in the post script? Don't get me wrong. I appreciate you taking the time to clarify but honestly most of the issues I bring up could be easily addressed in a sticky FAQ that would help everyone out and reduce workload for mods and volunteers.
  11. coopervid

    coopervid Well-Known Member

    I leave it to the mods here...:sneaky:
  12. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    1. Correct, new dvd protections are handled by new anydvd versions, not OPD updates
    2. Correct, to a degree. It does NOT contain support for new movie releases since the file was made available (and I believe this file is only useful for titles with bd+, and don't think there's been any new bd+ carrying titles)
    3. Wrong, installing that file CREATES a local cache. Without it, anydvd only creates a local cache file for a title or encounters. This file creates / updates that database with ALL titles currently known
    4. No, definitely not. Discussing such things in detail in public will only cause the protections to get updated so the current implementation will no longer work. Because that's exactly what happened with Screenpass protection when people started to discuss in public how to defeat it with the 'procmon' tool. Mere weeks later Screenpass was updated and 'procmon' no longer worked.

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  13. Shadow Lord

    Shadow Lord Well-Known Member

    O.k. I am confused. So this is only for BD+? For other BDs we still need an internet connection? Or are those also addressed w/ AnyDVD updates? My concern is in case of another disaster like we had a few years ago. Having to rely on a central server to keep the program going has always been a bad idea to me. I understand in case of a disaster not being able to support new discs but the old ones should keep working. Plus having a fully offline option would be nice for being able to take backups on the road/trip.

    I thought every time AnyDVD scanned a disc it would create a local cache file (if it had to get anything from the central server) and that the next time you accessed the same disc the local file cache was used instead. Is this incorrect?
  14. Shadow Lord

    Shadow Lord Well-Known Member

    So I found this thread and it made things less clear. The file in this thread is that supposed to be the OPD? Or is this just a subset of the OPD? The thread I linked to also reinforces the bit about a cache being created locally each time a disc is scanned the first time. So which is it? Is there anyway (at this time) to setup a completely offline setup of AnyDVD which can handle all BD and DVD discs that were released prior to that version?
  15. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    It IS a copy of what the OPD contained AT THAT TIME. Keep in mind that the OPD had been updated with support for numerous titles since then, and this file is no longer a full copy of the OPD.

    Install the most recent anydvd version and all DVD's to the date of is release should work.
    Install the OPD file and all (NON UHD!) BDs should work that were released PRIOR to the release of the OPD file. BD's released since then will most likely require an online connection

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  16. Shadow Lord

    Shadow Lord Well-Known Member

    This completely contradicts what James said earlier in this thread (emphasis mine). He indicates in posts #6 that

    Emphasis mine again. It sounds like the AnyDVD version is what is important and the OPD has become static since there are no new BD+ discs. He also says that he hopes to never update this file. If the OPD is being updated and this is a copy of the OPD then this file needs constant updating as well.

    I have not checked the installed file size of the DB but the download is only 79MB. It had been hinted in the past that the OPD was several hundred MB. Maybe it is really good compression?
  17. coopervid

    coopervid Well-Known Member

    Keep pushing ....:sneaky:
  18. Shadow Lord

    Shadow Lord Well-Known Member

    Pushing what? I just want clarity. Having opposing/contradictory answers in the same thread is good for no one.
  19. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    And now read that emphasis again. If you update anydvd itself you can decrypt more DVD's. As I said, new anydvd versions handle new DVD protections! Blu-ray support is first and foremost handled by the OPD, it's constantly updated and is anything BUT static.

    I also said I wasn't entirely sure it was only for bd+ discs, James said that it would handle all bd releases up to the release of the file, so he's right. He made it. You have to keep in mind that this file hasn't been updated and made public in a while, ITS A COPY of what the OPD contained AT THAT TIME. The OPD has since then been updated numerous times and this file is now out of date.

    With an up-to-date anydvd version (to the latest version) and that file you will be able to do the following with an offline computer

    - handle ALL DVD's that were released up to the point of the anydvd version release
    - handle all BD's that were available up to the release of the OPD file, bd releases that were released AFTER that file release win require online access

    It doesnt get much clearer than that.

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  20. Shadow Lord

    Shadow Lord Well-Known Member

    Read which emphasis? Yours or James'? Yours says one hting the one quoting James says another

    Can you point me to the thread or posting where he says the above? Because what he says in this thread, post #6 is that it would handle all bd releases up to the release date of the release date of the AnyDVD version. I am not sure where you keep reading "the file" or database into that statement (unless of course he spelled it out in another thread). And if this database is not static why would he expect it to never be updated? If one of the developers could break this down it would be great.... My main concern first and foremost is a guarantee on investment - i.e. if something bad was to happen, as it did a few years back, I wouldn't want access to my backups to be tied to one system's cache.