AnyDVD preventing drive from seeing any discs

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    I've posted this in the CloneBD forum as the issue also affects CloneBD functionality but since only one person replied I'll post it here for better coverage.


    I've noticed recently that with AnyDVD enabled my BD-Writer does not detect a media change to a either blank discs or pre-recorded. Both Blu-ray & DVD discs are affected it makes no difference. (haven't tried CD's)


    With AnyDVD disabled this problem does not occur.

    Another member posted the same problem here and whilst we are both using drives made by the same manufacturer I do not accept that the drive is at fault. To reiterate the drive works fine and without any issues accept when AnyDVD is running.

    With AnyDVD enabled

    AnyDVD enabled.PNG

    With AnyDVD disabled

    AnyDVD Disabled.PNG

    Things that I've tried so far...

    Uninstalled the device in Device Manager - (No change)

    Moved the device to a different SATA Port - (No Change)

    Installed Beta version of AnyDVD v. - (No Change)

    Tried a new batch of blank Verbatim BD's today - (No Change)

    If anyone has an older version of CloneBD I could try that would be very helpful as I only noticed this issue after doing a clean install of Windows 10 64 Bit with a newer version of CloneBD v.
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    I posted this in another thread but nobody looked at it :(

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    Because there's nothing to look at. There's no disc in the drive hence the EMPTY_DRIVE in the logfile name. There's barely more info in it than an AnyDVD system information log

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  5. Ch3vr0n

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    Blank disc is the same as no disc. AnyDVD will just disable itself as it will detect there's nothing to decrypt. Who was that 'someone'? What topic? What was it about?

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  6. James

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    What happens if your press F5 in Windows explorer?
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    @Ch3vr0n ,
    I'm guessing you replied before I'd finished editing my last post, hopefully now that does answer your questions?
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    Hi, @James

    F5 does refresh the screen however the results are still the same. The same applies when using CloneBD which is where these issues first came to my attention. With AnyDVD enabled CloneBD can see recorded titles okay but it cannot detect when the media is changed to a blank disc, CloneBD just shows a red empty drive. Pressing F5 in CloneBD does cause the drive to refresh itself but it still reverts to an 'Empty' red drive. On the other hand however when AnyDVD is enabled Windows Explorer cannot display the disc title of recorded media, as per my images in the first post. Disabling AnyDVD resolves that problem.

    I have another thread on the CloneBD issue running, albeit without much response here:...........
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    So today in an effort to resolve the above issue I took delivery of a brand new BD Writer (second one since August) an ASUS BW-16D1HT. Frustratingly however the issue with blank discs failing to be recognised is still present when viewed in 'This PC' Explorer window. And yes I've tried other blank discs with the same effect!

    The only thing which does allow the drive to properly detect a blank disc is to disable AnyDVD.

    I am currently in discussions with RedFox Support about this problem but if anyone else is experiencing the same it would be useful to know.


    Amendment to the above comments:

    It appears I may have been mistaken with my previous comments, pre-recorded titles do appear to show in 'This PC' even with AnyDVD enabled, or at least they do with my new ASUS Writer. The disc title appeared in 'This PC' about 2 minutes after AnyDVD had finished scanning the disc. Not sure the reason for this delay?

    This wasn't the case with the previous Pioneer Writer however as can clearly be seen in the above screenshots.
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