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  1. jimbobuk

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    Hi folks, the honeymoon period for my new LG Blu Ray + HD-DVD drive (GGW-H20L) is over.

    I've still yet to try a HD-DVD in it, but have been trying a few Blu Rays mostly all went well. This US Sunshine disk though with all its 1.1 stuff is just a nightmare, I'd stuck with a version of PDVD that still allowed HD material to be played off of HD. Bizarely it was working with Sunshine without AnyDVD, even though it should have been the wrong region. Anyways i'm enjoying the film till i reach about 1 hour 25 minutes in, and then it all starts to stutter, eventually the picture freezes though the timer still ticks up. I've since watched that the actual drive's light stops flashing though my PCs SATA activity continues. Any click of the timeline and PDVD just crashes.

    I've since gone a journey where i'd try to fix everything including

    i) upgrading to 3516, no help, though the region started to work, and AnyDVD wouldn't bypass it, it just said there was nothing inserted in the drive.

    ii) flashing drive to latest firmware, no joy

    iii) trying the new arcsoft TotalMedia Theatre player, it didn't help either and seemed rather flacky causing some Blue screens of death on running it, and occasionally when running AnyDVD ! :( When it was working i was forever wrestling with the permanent directors commentary track which i didn't want on.

    When i first encountered this problem i set about ripping the disk to the hdd, sadly i can no longer play this file, and the problem seems to have persisted through the rip when i did try with the older powerdvd.

    I've also since tried playing the movies .m2ts file but this typically plays at about 5fps even though the CPU is barely being used, it also seems to think the film is longer than it is, so its clearly not playing it correctly.

    I'm going to ask elsewhere about general problems but it really gets on my nerves that i can't even play this film that i brought, well even worse i can till 3/4 of the way in!!!! I just wondered if the problems with the rip that i'm encountering are due to AnyDVD unsuccessfully ripping the disk, would i be best to just rip to ISO without decrypting it, and then use anydvd on the ISO, i thought i'd seen some mention of that about some Bad Disk Guide.

    Finally, are more Blu Ray fixes incoming at some point, i take it this disk has all the BD+ rubbish on that taxes AnyDvd's current decrypting and region free-ing.. is there any scope for improvements to be made on this, or am i best steering clear of Blu Ray where possible (something that's going to get increasingly harder) and when i do get one take care to ensure its a simpler disk to play correctly.

    What a horrible end to a film night ruined. Thanks guys.

    Finally i try running the individual
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    Excuse me if I'm Talking about something your not but I hardly understood anything you talked about because I am new and don't know anything yet. I have this dual layer movie and it took me alittle while today to get a flawless copy. I used AnyDVD burned it to the hard drive, deleted everything beyond section 4 and used DVDnextCopy to burn to a single layer disc. If this isn't your what your needing maybe it will help someone else. Great movie Great ending.....Later
  3. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    DVDNextCopy works on Blu-Ray discs now? I believe you are referring to the SD DVD release which had no issues being backed up and is unrelated to this issue.
  4. geeper

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    Thanks for pointing that out. New guy not helpfull.
  5. moviewatcher2

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    same thing happened to me

    Had the same problem trying to watch Sunshine BD. Around chapter 16 the movie froze and would not play. Neither chapter 16 nor chapter 17 were playable from the BD, backup to hard drive or ISO with or without AnyDVD using PowerDvd 3319a. Gave up on the BD and ended up watching from plain old DVD. Learned my lesson a while ago and now I ALWAYS make sure that the whole movie plays before I sit down and get into it.
  6. jimbobuk

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    That's interesting.. what drive did you use then? Seems there could be an issue with that disk, or the way powerdvd works with it. I just don't know why it doesn't play back well as is after being ripped.
  7. nesNYC

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    @ jimbobuk

    The only thing I see is that you haven't tried to update your graphics drivers or roll back with a compatible (with PowerDVD). PowerDVD is incompatible with some versions of graphics drivers.

    Have you downloaded the PowerDVD advisor?
  8. moviewatcher2

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    LG GGC-H20L with GeForce 8500GT. All drivers pass PowerDVD (and WinDVD) HD Advisor test. Sunshine is the only disk Blu-Ray or HD that has not been playable.
  9. jimbobuk

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    i've not updated my drivers in a short while.. using an 8800 GTX (or ultra, can't remember).

    Hmm it seems we both have drives from the same LG family.. I wonder!!!

    Wonder if anyone else has had issues with that disk.

    I just dont get how it could survive ripping to hdd.

    If this starts to be the norm then i'll be pretty miffed. I need to know that i can conquer the region issues as well before feeling confident to buy import disks regularly.

    Is there a database somewhere for the protection present on each disk.. be nice if it was anydvd centric as well, though whilst the protection seems fiddly i wont mind just using the player as is. Its just annoying as sometimes the HDCP connection causes full screen random pixel noise, and i have to wait it out or just alt+f4 quit PowerDVD and then restart it. THink it could be something to do with me using 1080 @ 24p which perhaps the driver doesn't like as much as the 50, or 60hz rates. Something that is not a problem when anydvd free's me up from such pain.
  10. YaniD

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    I wonder if Sunshine is a newer title that incorporates profile 1.1 and PowerDVD chokes on some aspect of that. I don't think Cyberlink have released a 1.1 compatible version of PowerDVD yet.

    IIRC, some DVD authors introduced region checking at various points in a DVD (to get around the region code bypass methods that customers were using) instead of just at the beginning. I wonder if profile 1.1 allows that sort of thing with Bluray and whether something like that is being used.

    Is there a way to strip everything but the movie using BDedit, but still maintain a basic structure, so PowerDVD can play it like a disc?
  11. mike_9000

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    I would wait until Cyberlink updates there player. The next update is expected in February. This will make the software Blu-ray 1.1 compliant.8)
  12. WeeJockPooPongMcPlop

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    I have the same issue with my Sunshine on PDVD 3319a and I use the Pioneer BluRay drive only not the LG combo. Once it hits that point you mentioned it just bombs out :(

  13. jimbobuk

    jimbobuk Member

    thanks for that, it affects the other player i tried as well though tbh that doesn't seem to work well anyways.

    Good to know that its probably not a problem with my drive!!!
  14. RedFox 1

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    I agree mike, Cyberlink is not ready for primetime yet, with hd or Bluray, I always have problems with alot of discs.
  15. jimbobuk

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    what is happening with windvd.. in dvd form i think i used to prefer windvd to powerdvd but in the HD race they just seem out of it. I wish it could work well in zoomplayer tbh, i know there are ways to fiddle with filters and the like but i dont believe its working great just yet.
  16. rfielder

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    I have to hidef capable HTPCs.

    One is an Intel motherboard, P4 3.0Ghz, 2Gb RAM. That machine has the LG drive, and is used to rip to ISO files. Video is a Visiontek HD 2600 Pro AGP, attached to a Samsung 17" LCD monitor. Playback is PowerDVD Ultra OEM as supplied with the LG drive.

    Second machine is has an ASUS P5P800 motherboard, 2.8Ghz P4 CPU, 2Gb RAM, Visiontek HD 2600 XT AGP video attached to a Samsung LN-T4061F 40" 1080p LCD TV using a DVI to HDMI cable. Playback is PowerDVD Ultra retail, 3516 release.

    Both machines have XP, AnyDVD HD, etc.

    Machine one will play Sunshine.

    One machine two, Sunshine causes PowerDVD Ultra to choke with an error code before playback starts. I have not yet reported this to Cyberlink.

    Both machines show the stuttering when playing Resident Evil: Extinction that has been reported elsewhere.

    The point - very similar hardware with mostly identical software can give very different results.
  17. moviewatcher2

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    I can't get any BD's to play with WinDvd. It complains about the region code, won't work with AnyDVD running and only plays from ISO's. Tried backup with Region set to Auto and A, still no luck. About 1 out of 8 HD's that play with PowerDVD 3319a cause WinDVD to crash.
  18. bachuka

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    I have the same problem with it freezing at chapter 16. If you use the main menu and go to chapter 17, you can watch it from there. You will lose about 5 minutes of the movie.