anydvd or clone dvd


You will be better off buying them both as clone dvd will not copy commercial dvd,s on its own..
They are made to complement each other..


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Anydvd is the decrypter to use clonedvd2. So anydvd will not burn anything and clonedvd2 will not copying anything without each other.


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AnyDVD is a decryption software and can also "rip". CloneDVD is a burning software. Either program will work without the other.


I just got AnyDVD ,CloneDVD And CloneCD and there is a coupon that will take $15.00 off the price. And if you won't Mobile it is just $9.00 more if you get all 4 things. You will love the Software and to me The CloneCD is worth what i payed for it all.Fivestones
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Smartmove fivestones, and thanks for your endorsements, this means alot to Slysoft, thankyou for your purchase.:clap: :clap:
As you are a junior member of the forums then you should well takethe advice of its other junior and senior members. You will not be decieved. This I promise. SlySoft Rules :bowdown:


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Anydvd is the main program and well worth the money. I use it with a lot of programs like:
Nero recode 2
Dvd shrink
Dvd decrypter

That's what makes anydvd so great,very versatile background rippers for a slew of programs.

I also use it for Ripping and burning on the fly with nero and sonic's copy disc feature-as long as they are dvd-5's..

The kicker- If you need to back up dvds from other regions,anydvd will set your drive as region free,eliminating the need of changing the drive itself. You can only change it 5 or so times and whatever the last change-it stays at that region without anydvd.

I haven't used clonedvd,but I hear lots of good stuff about it.


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WELL worth the money

I've been backing up DVD's since the 321 XCopy days (2.4x burners and split across SL 2 DVDs), and have tried many programs. I have been using the SlySoft products for several years and have nothing but praise for their customer support, FREE updates, ease of use, minimal system intrusion, etc. Their programs are by far the best on the market, for speed, ease of use, and staying on top of the "game". AnyDVD is bar none the best decrypter on the market and CloneDVD does a great job (but would like to see it expanded), and CloneCD is the only product I trust for a true 1:1 DL backup, as it doen't disturb the layer break. Also looking forward to further development for CloneDVDMobile, it's awesome to put an entire movie on your cell!!