Anydvd on Mac for apple tv

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    The only way you can do this is by running it on the windows side
    Remove the protection and use dvd decrypter or dvd2fab
    Get the entire contents of the dvd ( dont shrink it )
    Save it on an external (MS-Dos formatted) or create a shared folder for the windows/mac partition and drag it there.
    Once it passes through anydvd it will remove all the CSS+ VOB errors and accept it by handbrake.
    Run handbrake and there you have it.
    Its not too much hassle for me
    Mac Pro 8core+16gb Ram + 2x10,000rpm raptor drives + 5dvd external burners (dvr 112d).
    I ran vista fine but to get best performace run xp to the dvds.

    Thats how I do it.
    I didn't say anydvd for mac Os X
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    yeah thats hard

    to go to appletv or ipod:

    rip with mactheripper
    convert with dvdremaster or popcorn straight to mpeg4
    IMHO, dvdremaster is reliable and produces really good quality mpegs

    You can edit them using quicktime
    take care