AnyDVD not working with WinDVD 9

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    I'm using the latest AnyDVD beta with WinDVD 9 Plus and all I get is a black screen when I try and play any disc (DVD/HD DVD/Blu-Ray). Is there an estimation for when AnyDVD will work with WinDVD9? Or is your sole focus with PowerDVD?
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    Ok now i've tried version and it doesn't work either. I'm back to and I get the same results. Also, i've noticed that playback in PowerDVD no longer works either. I get the same black screen. This is happening for and So it would appear AnyDVD is completely broken. I'm using the trial version but i still have 2 days left. Not very reassuring if i'm considering buying this program.
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    Why use WinDVD? That is completely and utterly made of fail (and cost me 100 bucks for nothing.) Hell, that software even fails to play movie properly in Blu-ray notebook made by Sony, supposed to be able to play movies without AnyDVD.
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    Well at this point I refuse to pay $100 to Cyberlink for an "upgrade" that actually removes probably the most important feature I require, HD DVD playback. I also don't like the fact that PowerDVD 7 downsamples all of its audio. If I can't get bitstream audio then I want untouched LPCM. Lastly, after having used several players I find PDVD's interface to be unnecessarily complex and downright ugly. When I first started WinDVD I really appreciated the fact that the interface wasn't full of obnoxious logo's and a million buttons. I also really enjoyed the fact that you can easily customize WinDVD down to the changing the splash images and button icons so I can make a seemingly invisible player experience that looks and feels like a real set-top-box instead of a clunky PC.

    However... this still doesn't explain nor solve the problem where AnyDVD simply won't work for PDVD 7 nor WinDVD 9. AnyDVD is critical to my htpc at this point as the Intel drivers do not properly pass HDCP through my A/V receiver to my tv and even though every other device connected has no problem with this.
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    6407 works flawlessly here with WinDVD 9. I have also no problem playing BDs and HD-DVDs without AnyDVD.

    WinDVD 9 is the best player for BOTH formats. PowerDVD 8 is a tad better PQ wise but is has no HD-DVD support. PowerDVD 7.3 PQ and AQ is worse than WinDVD 9 and TMT again has worse AQ than PDVD 7.3.

    Plus, WinDVD 9 has the highst title compatibility off all players I own. Had never any stuttering problems with Ratatouille or RE3 for example.

    @ caskater:
    WinDVD and TMT do also downsample HD audio. In fact, TMT has the worst AQ of all players. It is simply a AACS requirement it is not really the fault of the software companies. The soundchip manufacturers need to provide a secure audio path. I think Nero is the only player who does not downsample which explains why Nero is technologically far behind the others players (no BD+ etc.), but I am not sure.

    Regarding your problems: Since PDVD doesn't work either I think it's a driver problem. What grpahics card do you use and which driver?
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    6407.... Thanks for the info. Let me try then (I purchased WinDVD first, did not work on my computer. After several trials, I purchased PowerDVD, and it works for now... But yeah, PDVD UI is just ugly and terrible.)
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    are you ripping the movie to your hdd or are you makeing an .iso usig imgburn. also what version of powerdvd are you using because the newest version (3370a) will not play from a folder you have to make an .iso and then mount it using daemon tools or vertual clone drive. any version of powerdvd above 3319a will not play from file as for windvd 9 im not sure i dont use it
  8. caskater

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    I don't rip any movies I play them straight off the disc.

    My setup is as follows:

    I have the Intel G35 in a ASUS P5E-VM HDMI which ouputs audio and video via HDMI to my Onkyo TX-SR805 receiver which then sends out to my Samsung LN-T4065F 1080p TV.

    I've been hopping around all diferent versions of my drivers and PDVD because of playback stuttering issues. I finally was able to get everything running smoothly with PDVD 7.3.3516 and the Intel 15.71 drivers (even under these conditions hardware acceleration must be turned off in PDVD). I've been running AnyDVD to get around the HDCP repeater bug in the Intel drivers. So after much overall dissapointment with PDVD I decided to try WinDVD 9 out. At first WinDVD just gave a black screen even though PDVD played fine, so I tried bumping the version of AnyDVD up to This made no immediate improvement however. Then I wanted to double-check it was an HDCP problem so I directly connected the HTPC to the tv and everything started playing fine and was confirmed. After that I hooked back up through the A/V receiver and tried again. No luck. So then I tried AnyDVD with no luck and then thats when I noticed PDVD stopped working. I went back down to as I figured it was a beta problem and the problem maintained.

    Perhaps with all the re-installations of multiple versions of AnyDVD it got completely messed up somehow?
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    Well as a test you could rip a disc to the hard drive using AnydvdHD so you have a decrypted film, then switch AnyDVD off then try and play the decrypted film from the harddrive, if it still doesn't play back then it's not Anydvd. Also shouldn't the Amp still play it through if it's HDCP, I have the 605 and have my PC, PS3, and HD DVD player all connected thru HDMI and they all go through fine
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  10. caskater

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    I'll try ripping a disc and seeing if that improves solves the issue.

    Every other device connected to my 805 works without issue. I've got a DirecTV HD box, Xbox360, Toshiba HD-A3 player and none of them have ever had issues. It's a known bug in the Intel G35 chipset drivers at this point. It's been talked about at long length on the avsforum. The hope is that it will be fixed with driver release 15.9 but those aren't expected until the G45 is closer to release.
  11. Adbear

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    seems odd that it'll output to the TV fine, but not the amp
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    Is there a program I should use to rip a movie? It's been years since i've tried it and i'm sure a lot has changed since then (especially with HD formats).
  13. caskater

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    So I finally solved the problem. It turns out that the movie I was trying to test AnyDVD with is simply not compatible. That movie is Transformers HD DVD. I typically use this movie as its a good barometer of compatibility but after actually popping in some other discs I found that everything was playing just fine. So this may or may not be news to anyone but apparently Transformers HD DVD does not work under AnyDVD.

    As for WinDVD i'm now thoroughly impressed with it. I just tried the notriously unplayable Blu-Ray movie Across the Universe and it played!! Not even PowerDVD 8 can boast such an accomplishment. My hat off to Corel!
  14. Bigrick

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    i have transformers hddvd and it plays just fine with anydvd hd and powerdvd. i never tried across the universe though
    you might just have a bad disc
  15. damnskippy

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    Yep Transformers works fine you just need to click the rename highest XPL.
  16. roog

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    I have your motherboard and have been testing it. I think your problem might be related to the G35 onboard graphics. The G35 works for playing HD discs with PowerDVD 7 and 8 Ultra (make sure that hardware acceleration is enabled for best results) but it doesn't work properly with Nero 8 Showtime. I don't have WinDVD9 so I haven't tried it. Also, high-resolution text display is terrible with the G35 graphics chipset.

    A better video solution might solve your problem. To keep the cost low, I recommend the new nvdia 9600gt cards because they aren't supposed to have the HDMI display problems that the 8000 series had. Some brands include a S/PDIF jumper cable that allows you to output 5.1 digital through the HDMI cable.

    I don't recommend ATI because they're not designing their video cards to work with motherboards that have built-in graphics and won't provide support if they don't.
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  17. caskater

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    Transformers works just fine when not using AnyDVD and has never been a problem in my Toshiba HD-A3.

    I will try this though as I have never adjusted any of the default settings in AnyDVD.
  18. caskater

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    I've worked at this at long length and it comes down to a few factors. Its very dependent on what driver version you're working with. 15.8 drivers are terrible and pretty much break playback in anything. Using 15.71 drivers I get perfect hardware accel playback in PDVD 7.3 and WinDVD9. Since PDVD 8 has removed HD DVD support I have no interest in it.

    As for switching video solutions, this actually is my switch. The picture thus far is perfectly crisp and clear including text. I should note though that all my TVs and computers are professionally calibrated which helps a lot. Originally I had an 8500GT HDMI w/SPDIF header video card. While this worked fairly well the audio was terrible by comparison to my standalone HD DVD player. You only get half the HD experience when using SPDIF. So now with the G35 I get full 7.1 LPCM 24/96 audio. WinDVD 9 also is noticeably better sounding than PDVD 7.3.