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    I bought a set of DVDs for region 2, but I live in region 1, and all of my DVD/Blu Ray players are locked to region 1.

    No matter how I set anyDVD, the region stays set to 2, making my burned disks unplayable.

    as listed in the sticky post, i have the latest stable download, and have reset to default.

    What settings should I be using to either convert region 2 -> region 1, or set region free on my disks?

    I've attached my log file, and screenshots of my DVD region (showing the burned disk as region2), as well as my anyDVD settings.

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    That's not possible. For DVD's, region gets removed automatically. The setting you have in device manager it's irrelevant when it comes to changing the region. They don't only comes into play during decryption.

    You're most likely encountering the PAL vs NTSC video standard issue. Region 2 DVDs come in pal video standard (25/50fps) and your player most likely doesn't support that. You'll need to convert the titles. From the log:

    Video Standard: PAL

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    To test if it is a PAL/NTSC problem and not the disc(s), try playing them in the drive in your computer. It does not care about PAL or NTSC, a standalone player does. There are very few standalone DVD players in North America that will play a PAL disc.
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    Dazed to one and all

    I have run into the same PAL vs NTSC situation when I purchased The Ipcress File DVD. I ran tests on various conversion software but found none that fit the requirements of BD Rebuilder for producing a DVD Series. The individual conversion would perform correctly but the output file would appear different from a DVD file. I.E., the converted DVD file must look almost identical to the original PAL file.
    I am looking for any suggestions of PAL to NTSC conversion software.
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    There's no way to produce an near identical output. Conversion will ALWAYS result in loss of original menu's. On top of that, that question is beyond the scope of this topic and forum section. The DVD issues section is reserved for AnyDVD disc related issues only.

    Conversion from pal to ntsc or reverse does not fit that bill. Please create your own topic that the proper section, that would be general chat on this case.

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