Anydvd no longer shows my second burner

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    Hi weird issue anydvd no longer shows my first blu ray burner on windows 7. I see it listed in like imgburn but no longer showing on windows 7. It shows my second blu ray burner but not my lg. I know the drive works. I removed the drivers on windows 7 rebooted and windows 7 reinstalled it same issue. I even replaced it with a new burner. I keep spears. And same issue its not listed in anydvd. Im attaching a log file from any disc to see if there is a issue. Nothing have changed on my windows 7 for over 3 years so I'm stumped.

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    How is you LG drive connected?
    Do you use SATA hotplugging?

    If yes I'd always close AndDVD before plugging/replugging an optical disc drive.
    Never had a problem with it when AnyDVD was on, but only tried that a few times.

    I'd also leave it off during Virtual Clone Drive deinstallation/installation/reinstallation/update.
    For safety I always disable AnyDVD autostart option (AnyDVD standard = enabled).

    Does Windows file Explorer list your LG drive as well like ImgBurn?

    If yes, you could try out this, maybe it solves your problem by reassigning/changing drive letter for your LG drive.

    Changing/remove/reassigning drive letter:

    (See screenshots):
    Open run-command-box: To do that: Press Windows-button + R (both on your keyboard)

    In run-command-box - type in "Control Panel" (without quotation marks). Then click on "OK".
    In "Control Panel" (=Systemsteuerung) near to right the upper corner, switch Category view to "Big symbols"/Small Symbols like this (so that's it is not set to "Category") if not done already.
    Now there are much more symbols appearing. Then click on ->Management (="Verwaltung" German)

    Now klick on ->Computer management like that. (Computerverwaltung)
    That should be the 2nd entry from the top.
    2_Computerverwaltung_(Computer Management).PNG
    Now in Computer Management there's ->Volume Manegement/Volume manager like that (Datenträgerverwaltung), and select/click on this.

    And open a 2nd window (Win-Explorer)
    So if your LG drive shows up in Win-Explorer, check there to find out which drive letter it got assigned in Windows.

    Then in Volume Management right klick on the drive letter box with CD/DVD-disc-icon which has the drive letter you see in Win-Explorer for your LG-drive.
    Hint: The optical drives are not listed in the above white field where the list is af all Hard discs and SSDs and their partitions are.
    The optical drives are only listed in the lower grayer area where also the HDD and SSDs/partitons are listed. You probably have to scroll up/down a bit within this lower gray field to find your optical drive.

    When you have found your LG drive in Volume Management, right klick on the drive letter of your LG drive (right klick)
    Then select "Change drive letters and pathes" (=Laufwerksbuchstabe und Pfade ändern)
    You can choose yourself. Try out removing drive letter for LG drive and reassgning it.

    You can test that with AnyDVD running and without AnyDVD running.

    Maybe then it shows up again in AnyDVD.

    If that doesn't help, you also could try deinstalling AnyDVD (remove all AnyDVD registry information). Please make sure you still have your AnyDVD licensing files as backup on seperate location!!!

    There's also newer AnyDVD beta.
    When you deinstalled AnyDVD please reboot first, just in case. Then after reboot, you can reinstall AnyDVD, and then please reboot again, just as precaution.
    I'm doing this way all time when reinstalling AnyDVD to newer version. Maybe this isn't necessary most of the time. But some people at least had an AnyDVD-Autostart issue one time, and that methods helped him/her.
    Please check if your SATA controller is running in AHCI mode or IDE mode
    I'd prefer SATA in AHCI mode, because this supports SATA-hotplugging (SATA/eSATA), as well as SSD Trim, Native Command Queuing etc. Check if you have SATA storage configuration set to AHCI in BIOS.

    SATA hotplugging also seems to work with IDE-(Enhanced) mode (at least tested with Win10 distaching/replugging Blu-ray drive and Windows redetected it without rebooting, but maybe AHCI is more reliable by the way.

    Please make a WIndows backup first e.g with Acronis TrueImage or other preferred backup program.

    When changing in BIOS from IDE to AHCI mode and an Win7-installation was done in IDE mode it can get unbootable after changing to AHCI.
    It can stay unbootable even when changing back to IDE in BIOS. Had this issue in some rare cases on some machines.

    If there should be a good reason for you to change to AHCI (if not using already), make a a Win backup first.
    When Win backup is done, it's recommended, first to edit the registry for the ahci start mode, before changing Storage Configuration in BIOS to AHCI.
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    Hi sorry for late replay been busy anyway I checked the drive letter and it didn't have a drive. Not sure what happened it always had a drive letter. Its weird how it was removed. Even without a drive letter imgburn saw it listed. But not windows explorer or anydvd. Anyway all is good now. Thanks for your help.