Anydvd - no disc present on Win 10

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    Have older Aspire One 722 netbook. Been using a USB attached HP DVD Writer 557 drive. Originally on win 7 and have had zero problems. Months ago upgraded to Win 10 and able to use cd drive for audio playback and burn. Just now needed to run DVD. The cd/dvd drive shows up in File Explorer - This PC - Devices and Drives as Drive E: but cannot access DVD. the cd/dvd drive shows up in Device Manager and states it is working correctly and has latest drivers.

    Installed AnyDVD and it displays No disk present drive e: (has a dvd in it)

    I did Regedit and deleted upperfilter and lowerfilter. Rebooted.

    Uninstalled AnyDVD reboot Installed.

    Ran Win 10 Control Panel - Troubleshooter - Sound and Hardware - Configure a device, it made changes and needed to reboot. Nothing changed.

    Not sure how to proceed.
    Thanks for your time.
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