Anydvd lagging on winxp

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by mr-wolfie, Nov 17, 2007.

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    I just installed anydvd on my new computer running winxp sp2 with all the current updates and anytime I put a dvd in the drive and anydvd starts scanning it, the computer lags to the point where it only reacts every 10 seconds. I put 2000 on and it all works fine, tried it with xp on another computer and its doing the same thing. Only other cd/dvd software running is clonedvd. I've tried searching the forum for this issue and havent seen it. I'm sure the answer is obvious, but I've been working 36 hours today and cant seem to find it. Thanks
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    @ mr-wolfie,

    Welcome to the Forum.

    Suggest reviewing the AnyDVD Forum sticky titled “Frequently Asked Questions (READ BEFORE YOU POST)” ( and note items #6, #11, and #13. Under item #11 note comments concerning FireWall/AntiVirus/Registry Monitoring Programs.

    Also when processing DVDs ensure that ALL background MultiTasking operations are completely curtailed.

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    Ok, checklist time!

    6. I ended all non-windows processes before opening anydvd. The computer runs fine with anydvd running, its only when anydvd starts to scan a disc when its first inserted. And its the whole system that slows way down, not just anydvd, and all it's doing is checking the disc, not even ripping it.

    11. I have no firewalls running, not even the windows firewall, and no registry software what so ever.

    13. I'm not even trying to rip, much less burn ;-).

    Like I said, I couldnt find my issue browsing through the forum, and that post is the first I checked.
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    Number 6 has nothing to do with ending non-windows process and has everything to do with uninstalling conflicting programs.

    Uhh . . . there's a lot more to #11 than just that.

    click and follow the instructions step by step (note that step 4 requires you to post information).

    Doesn't matter. Go through the steps listed.
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    I use AnyDVD on a clean install of XP-SP1 (no updates) with no problems. I had SP2 for a while and also had no problems. (I just found XP2 had more overhead in general and rolled back to SP1 by choice)

    I agree with the others...

    Only other thing.... try doing a DVD without AnyDVD running at all (try any Star Wars with DVDShrink) ;
    This is just to eliminate a hardware problem that's independant of AnyDVD at all.