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    If I'm going to split across two discs, I want the main movie plus all the bonus features, which I can shove on disc 2. I don't want to have to remember numerous title and chapter numbers just to get at the bonus features using my remote (this isn't just the subtitle/language channel issue). So I do want the menus retained on disc 2. I generally don't care that much about retaining menus on the disc without the bonus features, but I will retain the menus anyway.

    No. This as far as I'm concerned is a huge limitation to using Shrink and Recode--but as you say, to each, his or her own. I'm not interested in transcoding nor encoding to compress video to fit on a single layer disc (if need be, I will split across two single layer discs; but I've almost completely switched to Verbatim +R DL), so we have very different goals when it comes to backups.

    If Clonedvd2 couldn't retain menus across split discs, I would be looking very hard at competing programs--so that's not a function I care to lose.
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    I would like to add, that being able to split over 2 disks and retain menus, opens the possibility of placing the main movie on 1 disk, and extras on the other.
    With this scenario, the menus on the second disk are certainly a nice touch. were posting as I was typing same thoughts.
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    On this part we just about agree 100% :D

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    Speaking of Shrink and Recode ... I just posted a question to the 3rd party forum.

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    You did? Where? :confused: I'm lazy. Gimme link.
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    Sorry for the mix up, my mistake on the "driver level".

    I was just trying to let everyone know that DvdFab Gold will make a perfect copy on its own w/o the aid of other software, including the ones that didn't work for me using AnyDvd and Dvd Shrink....ex:Casino Royale, Saw3...

    I don't know why I couldn't copy these. All I know is I can now w/ the competitors product.
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    I agree 110%!!!!! Other than the a** word. :agree:

    I'm so sick of hearing well if you used CloneDVD or we really only guarantee AnyDVD to work with CloneDVD. That wasn't how it used to be nor how it should be. I can understand to a certain extent only picking the top software packages but not rejecting support for all of them.

    I use NERO Recode 2 because I want to encode Nero AVC MP4s not simply clone a DVD to a DVD-+R.

    Just to educate a few people. I see a lot of DVDShrink lovers here that in the same breath complain about it not being developed anymore. know WHY? Because Nero hired the author of DVDshrink and he's been working on...... You guessed it NERO RECODE. Recode 2 that comes with Nero 7 Ultra is amazing!!! Not only does it support recoding a disc to fit a small DVD-+R with all content or just with movie as you talk about. :D

    However, I mainly use it to recode my movies to MP4(Nero AVC) to store on my Terabyte movie server so that my HTPC can play the movies from there. That is another beef of mine. Everyone including Slysoft keeps pushing CloneDVD down my throat whenever AnyDVD fails to successfully talk to Recode or other software. If all I wanted to do was copy the DVD fine but in order to allow me to take just the movie and recode it to an MP4 that won't work for me. :mad:

    I re-emphasis that Nero Recode is an amazing piece of software that took over where DVDShrink left off and went so much farther. I can't recommend it highly enough but then again only on a good day when the AnyDVD version of the moment works with it.
  9. SamuriHL

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    This complaining nonsense is starting to get old. Here, I'll just cut and paste what I've said FAR too many times before...

    -Download the latest beta of VobBlanker

    -Make sure the latest AnyDVD ( at the time of this writing) is installed.

    -Insert Sony title and let AnyDVD scan it

    -Open VobBlanker and select the video_ts.ifo from the DVD as the input, and select a folder on your hard drive as the output.

    -[OPTIONAL STEP] Blank, not skip, any titlesets you don't want to keep to save some space for DVD Shrink.

    -Hit the Process!! button and let the DVD get ripped to your hard drive.

    -[OPTIONAL STEP] For the super paranoid, run FixVTS on the files created on the hard drive. This is NOT necessary as VobBlanker has always created compliant files for me.

    -Open DVD Shrink (or Recode) and open the files you just put on the hard drive with VobBlanker. Compress to your liking

    -Burn with favorite burning app

    -Grab popcorn, beer, etc, and enjoy protection free backup!

    MBK gets credit for this method of backup. He rocks.
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    You don't even need AnyDVD to handle the Sony junk.

    Download free version of DVDFab Decryter. Pop in disk, rip to HD--about 10 min on my machine.

    Open files in shrink==Wallah--Sony junk cleaned up and a clean ISO to burn with your favorite Burn App.

    DVDFab is also updated frequently.
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    Actually, the complaining is part of the overall marketing (or contra-marketing) machine. The more people that realize that AnyDVD passes on all the Sony junk on to Shrink (or any other software) - and that hear of the free solutions - the faster it will motivate Slysoft to come up with the "final solution" for this crap.

    What better place to suggest that Slysoft "get on the stick" than in thier home forum??? Hmmmm???

  12. SamuriHL

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    You have somewhat of a point, however, I don't think complaining is necessarily the right way to go about it. I think if all the Shrink users got together and requested that a "final solution" be created it would have more impact. That would show Slysoft that there is indeed demand for a ripper to complement AnyDVD. I understand where the frustration comes from, but, you have to look at it from a business standpoint. There is most definitely a LOT of affected people out there, so, this is without a doubt a very important issue.

    In the meantime, though, I just want people who are saying it doesn't work at all to have SOME kind of solution so they can back up their stuff.
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    Slysoft lost me as a customer when they discontinued the compatibility of AnyDVD w/Shrink. I purchase a product to suit my needs....... when it fails to meet my needs I find a product that will.
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    To avoid problems like that, wouldn't it just be more simple to use CloneDVD (CloneCD) with a version of anyDVD????? Even xcopy express works really well with anyDVD. *scratches her head*
  15. SamuriHL

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    While I would agree with you and own all Slysoft products personally, a lot of DVD Shrink users bought AnyDVD when ArrCOS and RipGuard were released so they could continue using DVD Shrink. Some people would say DVD Shrink is still a very useful product that really doesn't need to be updated...after all, the transcoding engine is considered one of the best in existence. The problem is that the latest Sony protection makes it impossible for AnyDVD and DVD Shrink to work together in an "on the fly" capacity. You could then suggest that people go purchase CloneDVD, yes, but, that's a slap in the face to a lot of Shrink users who feel the transcoding engine is superior. To make matters worse, there are two freeware rippers out there that don't have this problem. So you're going to tell Shrink users to go pay for a product to use as a ripper(and that's ALL they'd use CloneDVD for) when they can go download one for free that works just as well? After someone presented me with this logical question, I saw the light and reformed my opinion that Shrink was somehow at fault in all this. It simply requires a COMPLIANT DVD structure. That's it. Slysoft should provide a ripper component (either stand alone or built in to replace the existing AnyDVD Ripper function) that creates a compliant DVD structure. While I understand this can't be done "on the fly", it would at least make it possible for AnyDVD and Shrink users to make their backups the way they want.
  16. James

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    They can with a beta version of Vobblanker.
  17. SamuriHL

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    Which is what I've been advocating. However, is that going to be Slysoft's official answer to the problem?
  18. James

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    No, it is the temporary solution until I have the all-singing-all-dancing-anydvd-ultimate-ripper(tm) ready. :D
    But it is a very good temporary solution.
  19. SamuriHL

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    Excellent. Thanks for the clarification. I had a feeling you were working on the ripper. Is that going to be the official name? The "All-Singing-All-Dancing-AnyDVD-Ultimate-Ripper(tm)"? I LIKE it!! :D ROFLMAO!!
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    I suggest AnyDVD HD Ultimate :D Or Ultimate AnyDVD HD