AnyDVD is falling behind!!!

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    Unbelievable! AnyDVD is getting it's ass handed to them... The list of movies that can't be burned using DVD Shrink and/or Nero Recode is groWING. When will it stop?????????? lol

    Come on guys! What gives? Are you all making it so that we are more inclined to buy CloneDVD?:disagree: Seems like it.

    I remember the days when this sticky was never around:
    And to back up a movie, we were not directed to do this:
    Ahhh, those were the days...:agree: :agree: :agree:

    *posted while I was waiting for AnyDVD to "rip video DVD to Harddisk..."
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    Do consider expressing your opinions is a more civil manner in the future, please. :policeman: Consider this a warning.

    "General Rules:

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    How so? Just because Anydvd doesn't do full disk backups with Shrink with the new Sony bad sector stuff?

    It will do main movie backups with Shrink.

    [My opinion on]While I may/probably agree with you with respect to Anydvd/Shrink compatibility [/my opinion off] you can certainly express your opinions without resorting to crass/rude diction.

    Let's look at this issue from another angle.

    1. Do you know of any other software that can decrypt on the fly and also offer Shrink compatibility for these newer Sony titles? Do you know of any other software that can decrypt this newer Sony stuff on the fly and also work on a driver level?

    2. Do you know of any other software that can handle Wer früher stirbt . . . or Das Parfum (R2 Germany) on the fly so that you don't have to rip the original disc to your hard drive just so you can watch it on your computer?

    3. Do you know of any other non-useless transcoder based applications that can't handle Anydvd's input on these newer Sony releases? I would, actually, like to know about them. This isn't some facetious question either. I'm genuinely interested. Because the latest version of 1-Click works. Clonedvd2 works. I'm mostly seeing evidence that Recode works. DVD neXt COPY, DVD95 Copy, and DVD Rebuilder also work, apparently (although dvd rebuilder isn't a transcoder based program), according to user reports.

    (4. And if you own Anydvd-HD do you know of any other program that can also decrypt Blu-ray and HD-DVD on the fly?)

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    Gotcha...everything was meant to be constructive criticism.
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    I don't see at all how AnyDVD is falling behind. It does what it is supposed to do. I decrypts on the fly and you can view movies through players.

    If you really want to back up a movie then you may have a problem with some types of protection but CloneDVD2 is the best choice for that. Some will complain about having to use both products but, hey, they aren't forced to but they work together. So, use AnyDVD with CloneDVD2 as the ripper and then run FixVTS on the VOBs you ripped to your HDD. You will now have no problems opening the movie in DVDShrink. For those that may say, "Oh, god, this is too many steps", it really isn't.

    AnyDVD can handle the new problems with videos like Wer frueher stirbt, ist laenger tot, it deals with Sony's protections, HD-DVD & BR AACS as well as BR region code removal. I really think you must be crazy to say AnyDVD is falling behind. AnyDVD does it's job.

    What kills me are the people who don't understand what the purpose of AnyDVD is.
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    It's purpose is to remove copy protection. But it does not remove all of it, rather leaving some behind. Thus, it needs another program to help it clean it up. The last time I checked, it was up to the decrypter to do this.

    A DVD clean as a whistle? Or a DVD with bits and pieces left over (even with CloneDVD)? Take your pick.
  6. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    I've said before that I think AnyDVD Ripper should be removed. This leaves CloneDVD as the ripper for AnyDVD. AnyDVD is a decrypter and not a ripper. It's CloneDVD's job to remove the bits and pieces that are left over and not AnyDVD since it's AnyDVD doing what it can on the fly. Transcoding, removal of titles, etc is all in CloneDVD's hands. This is my point when I said that AnyDVD was doing it's job.

    I think some improvements need to be made but I don't see AnyDVD being the problem here.

    PS: Because of how AnyDVD works as a decrypter you cannot compare it to other products which many people like to do. It's not like DVDFab or RipIt4Me.
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    That's where I disagree with you. I expect AnyDVD to remove all the crap that the copy protection is. It's up to the decrypter for all bad files (copy protection) to be removed.

    Not up to another program. The reason why DVD Shrink won't load the DVD is because the files still have a lot of the copy-protection left over. All the crap, the remnants, should be removed by what? The decrypter. I really don't see your way of thinking.
  8. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    Alright, I'll give you a quick example of the difference. I'm not a programmer so I'm not claiming to know everything.

    AnyDVD removes what it needs to so that you or anyone else can watch a movie literally on-the-fly as it's being decrypted by AnyDVD. Can DVDFab do that? Can RipIt4Me do that? No, they can't. You'd have to wait until the entire DVD is ripped to the HDD and they have the benefit of being able to do more work on the files in this way. Heck, RipIt4Me uses FixVTS after the files are on the HDD and I think FixVTS is an awesome program. The AnyDVD Ripper [based on old FixVTS code with tweaks] has issues with FixVTS that jeanl and James need to resolve but that doesn't diminish my point.

    AnyDVD decrypts on-the-fly and only so much can be removed and done in that way. The output is watchable on-the-fly. That is the main point of AnyDVD and how it is separated from all the other decrypters out there.

    I have other ideas but right now I'm not going to get into more. It's late and I'm tired and hungry. Time to eat and then sleep.
  9. linx05

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    Im this situation, I don't really care what AnyDVD and other decrypters can and cannot do. All I want is for my DVD to be copy-protection free. No remnants left over, no nothing. Whatever has to be changed/added to AnyDVD I will support if in the end, produces nice, clean, compliant files. Is that too much to ask from a program which removes copy-protection?

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    One of the primary reasons that AnyDVD is so popular and such a successful product is not that it can watch a movie on the fly, but because of its decryption ability. From all the threads I've seen, most, if not all, are posts that praise AnyDVD's ability to decrypt ANY DVD and therefore make it possible to back it up on a DVD-R, and it makes it simple and time efficient. I honestly don't remember reading a thread or post thanking the makers of AnyDVD for making ti possible to watch a R2 disc w/ a R1 DVD player/drive ever. Though, it probably is a nice feature to have when that situation arises. Anyway, my concern is that I paid for a product that worked beautifully before and is now not working in the same way. From a consumer's point-of-view, if a DVD is completely decrypted, there should be no problems copying the DVD's information elsewhere.

    I know there is a lot of technical things involved in this process, but that is why I paid for this product. It's a great product, and I just hope it can stay that way. If they do need more money, they should have decided to sell their product at a higher price. I probably would not have minded paying a bit more. I just feel that the AnyDVD software is not keeping up with what it's main purpose is, which is getting rid of copy protections.
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    I have not had any problems getting backups using anydvd and clonedvd2 all i see when I watch my backups is a great picture.
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    get with the times...

    only an idiot would use shrink when slysoft makes such a fine product as clone dvd 2....i'd rather they ignore support for that crap(shrink etc.) as it might adversly affect future developments such as clone dvd 3 HD....WHAT SAY ALL?
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    give it a rest. he never said not to criticize............he was very clear in what he wrote. he just said to show a little respect and courtesy as you do it. you will see a lot of discussions here based on criticism of anydvd. if the discussion is courteous, there is never a problem and there is no reason not to show a certain amount of courtesy. you can get your point across just as well.
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    While your first post was a bit rude... I agree with this one. There are those that keep trying to spin this to an issue of CloneDVD2 vs DVDShrink3.2 but that's not really the case. That's just a cheap diversion from the real issues.

    It's a matter of public perception, and that perception is that AnyDVD used to clear 100% of the protection 100% of the time - bar none, but now Sony has come up with something new and sinister and beaten AnyDVD.

    I understand why it may take a separate (downloadable) AnyDVD Ripper to solve this once and for all - but until this happens, Sony has unfortunately siezed the initiative and AnyDVD (and it apologists) appear to be playing the hard defence.

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    Then you aren't reading at the avsforums either. The strength of Anydvd has always been for HTPC users. Other decrypters don't help as well in this area.
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    It's not the criticism that I object to. It's the manner in which that criticism is conveyed (there is no need to be typing "*** handed . . "). And if you can't abide by the rules of the forum, then feel free to post elsewhere. :policeman:
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    Please do not insult Shrink users; many Shrink users are also Anydvd customers. :policeman:

    Insulting posts are against forum rules.
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    So, other than Shrink, I'm still interested (genuinely) in an answer here. I'm not trying to be funny. I am interested.
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    YAAAAAA!!!!! We are still valued customers after all!!!!!!! WEEEEEE!!!!!!

    -W :D :D :D