AnyDVD Is Disabled for Drive"X"!

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  1. emajae01

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    I have been trying to use this ANYDVD-HD for 4 days, but nothing is working.

    When I put in a disk, and look at ANYDVD STATUS TAB, it
    always says; "AnyDVD us disabled for Drive D:!"

    I can not get AnyDVD to be ENABLED!

    When I do a "Mouse-Over" on the tool tray icon, it says:

    On:0, Off:0, Empty:0

    FYI: I did try disabling my CD Drive, but that did not

    And YES, I did check the box for that drive in the Selection window, and I did disable the CD Drive.

    DVD Drive is a NEC 3550A
    CD is a Samsung SW-252B

    Any suggestions?
  2. Webslinger

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  3. emajae01

    emajae01 New Member


    I just downloaded 4 days ago, and to be sure, I downloaded AnyDVD-HD.

    Is there still an update available?
  4. Webslinger

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    You're using an outdated version of Anydvd HD.
    Anydvd and AnydvdHD are the same download.
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