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ANYDVD-HD Ripping Question


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Jan 28, 2007
ANYDVD-HD Ripping Question & General support

Has any one actually used ANYDVD-HD and ripped a movie to their hard drive and used another software to actually burn the DVD to a disk? Or Is their other software that is able to do this.

What is the sence of ripping to a hard drive if you cannot burn it to play on another HD-DVD ( Assuming using Xbox 360 HD-DVD.) and only watching it on your computer ONLY. Or am I missing something on all of this forums and threads on the internet.:confused:

Was thinking of buying the Xbox 360 Hd-dvd player but what good would it do to me if only able to see it on my computer and my Home Theater is 3 floors below my computer, how would I get the signal to my Tosh A1????
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Erm. If you're only buying an HD-DVD *reader* then how do you propose to burn an HD-DVD? It's not just different data, it's a whole new format that fits up to 25Gb on a disc.

I don't know anyone rich enough to own a burner for the HD discs.

People are copying the discs to HD so that in their home-theatre PC they don't have to keep loading/unloading discs and scratching them... for one reason anyway.
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Thank's for the reply, so if my little mind understand this the only copying done now are to the computer and then to the display from the computer, correct?

Somehow was under the impression that it was actually to the harddrive and then burned somehow, well I stand corrected the ACCS keys are just to decrypt the Hd movies to the Hard drive.:doh:
AnyDVD HD is great for people who have a home theater PC that isn't HDCP compliant. Since it removes the HDCP protection on the fly, there is no need to rip it to the hard drive first. Plus you can edit the disc using James' "magic file replacement" technology so you can have whatever HD DVD experience you want with your disc without having to burn it to a new disc. Hence, AnyDVD HD is far more useful than for basic ripping and burning.
Well it's to bad for me that don't have a home theater pc and the current computer is loaded with every goodie except "that Part" so will have to drag it out for a while.