AnyDVD HD problem with blu Ray for U2 Innocence experience concert

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    Hi ,

    I updated to Any DVD HD , the final version that still accepted historic license keys.

    After scanning the U2 blu Ray disc , it says "OPD error HTTP error 12007! problem connecting to AnyDvd update server. Error processing blu Ray disc. "

    I am uploading the log file, grateful for any help please, thanks.

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  2. snakke

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    version no longer has access to the online protection database (OPD) you will need to use v8 or above

    Use 21 day trial and/or purchase new licence
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    As posted above, and on the download page OPD access for 7695 ended on may 31st. If your trial (of 8030 or beta 8031) doesnt work, please provide a new logfile.