AnyDVD HD problem corrupted HD-DVD rip

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    I have the title Chicago, Earth Wind and Fire, Life at the Greek Theater on HD-DVD. This is an AACS encrypted v1 or v2 title.

    AnyDVD HD recognize the disk and correctly find the decryption keys. Playback goes well in PowerDVD. However, when I copy the disk to HDD, the resulting copy has some data corrupted. Playback works, but with some glitches in both picture and sound. Checked the EVO's and indeed some bits are incorrect.

    Ripped the disk again with DVDFab Platinum 4, this works. When I bit-for-bit compare both rips, there are 106 differences in total in the main EVO's (out of about a total of 20GB). As currently DVDfab doesn't support AACS v4 and will stop working totally for HD if I insert any v4 disk, I prefer to use AnyDVD HD.

    What can I do to get a good rip with AnyDVD?

    System info
    - A8V Deluxe mainboard
    - AMD 3800+ dual core
    - 1GB memory
    - Windows XP SP2 with all patched installed
    - Toshiba HD-DVD ROM player connected to secondary ATA together with Pioneer DVD burner on the same interface.