AnyDVD-HD & PowerDVD 6.5 HD Edition

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  1. bwlonsdale

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    Do they work together?

    I have a problem that if I use PowerDVD Ultra 7.2, it moans the NVIDIA drivers are out of date and I need to upgrade.

    So, I need to use one of the 90.xx drivers - except if I do upgrade to ANY version of those I get problems with Live TV. It displays a black screen. I can get around it by changing the colour temperature settings temporarily and then putting them back, this results in the picture returning (yes, odd I know). But that lasts only as long as the computer doesn't go into standby, or is restarted. As this is a media PC that is unworkable.

    So....PowerDVD HD 6.5 doesn't moan about the drivers and I can keep my old ones but does AnyDVD-HD work with it?

    I was hoping to use AnyDVD-HD to get around having to upgrade my graphics card to one which includes the HDCP chippery.

    And movie people are trying to convince us DRM is pro-consumer....hahaha..
  2. Charlie

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    I think that powerdvd ultra 7 is the only way to watch HD-DVD files or discs with anydvd hd.
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    I am using PowerDVD HD 6.5. It plays the files from my hard drive. And at that time, I didn't have AnyDVD_HD installed. I had ripped it to another computer that didn't have the CPU power or graphics to run the DVD from the hard drive. So I moved the files to another computer with a more powerful CPU, memory, and graphics card.
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  4. georgeorwell

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    Keep in mind that even when you update to the latest nVidia drivers, the advisor will still tell you that the drivers are not compliant. Ignore it.
  5. lionelperez

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    Power DVD Ultra 7.2 vs Power DVD 6.5 HD

    I have an x360 HD DVD drive running on vista. It works fine and I'm able to rip movies using anydvd hd (Good stuff). I have an ATI x800 video card with the latest drivers for vista.

    Power DVD Ultra 7.2 just WONT work. It crashes every time I try to play the movie from folder. Power DVD 6.5 HD works pretty good and I'm able to see the extracts. Before I updated my video card drivers I was able to hear but not see the hd dvd using Power DVD ultra 7.2. Now with the update it crashes immediately. THe funny thing is that Cyberlink states that Power DVD Ultra is vista compatible yet its the earlier version that works.
  6. Pancho4171

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    Power DVD Ultra 7.1

    I have the XBOX 360 HD driver running on WinXP. Power DVD Ultra 7.1 wont work with Any DVD HD PDVD tell me my graphic card (ATI 1600) and monitor (Dell 24 inchs) are not HDCP compliant.
    With Power DVD 6.5 no problems to play "The Phantom of the Opera" but "King Kong" freeze at "this motion picture has been rated" screen.:confused:
  7. leigh

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    did you change colour profile in video tabs (in configuration)
    try tick use colour profile change it to bright, if you use original one thats why the screeen goes black and very dark colour