AnyDVD HD - OS system default language emulation for game installations

Discussion in 'PC Gaming Discussion' started by red1648, Jul 20, 2019.

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    since AnyDVD HD handles all sorts of things regarding DVD/BD emulation i would like to ask, if it's possible to also emulate different system languages related to game installations. There are still games out there which don't let you choose a prefered ingame language during the game installation (game language installation is dependent on the default system language). So a change of the default language of the operating system is often necessary for installing these games with different languages. Thanks.

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    Anydvd doesn't work with game discs of any kind, thus wether some block installation one way or another nothing anydvd can fix

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    I know. Don't be so hard on new ideas. This was a kinda feature idea since AnyDVD already has a emulation driver and interecepting the OS language call from the installer wouldn't be that hard to implement. Also, this feature would make AnyDVD convenient for this kind of tasks, since there seems to be no tool out there for this problem.
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    it doesnt, anydvd operates at a level directly between the hardware and before windows. it decrypts discs, then presents the disc as "unencrypted". It doesn't emulate anything. If they (the installers) don't let you chose a language, then the installers have been coded that way. Nothing anydvd could do about it, even if it had such a function.