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    I have searched everywhere for a concise instruction course for new (or inexperienced) users.

    I would love to have a 1) insert Blu-ray into drive; 2) start AnyDVD HD program; 3) now what do you want to do?

    and then have an algorithmic "tree" to follow, with explanation of what is happening to the video file at each stage so a deep understanding can be obtained.

    I envy the ease with which so many on this forum can draw on their working knowledge when explaining something to an equally informed enquirer! I read these insights with open mouth thinking what does that really mean?
  2. Pete

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    The whole idea behind AnyDVD is, that there should be no need to explain anything.

    First: AnyDVD should be running all the time. There's no real point in starting it only when needed, it has a very small memory footprint.

    Then: As soon as you insert a DVD (you're in the DVD forum here, so I'm assuming DVD) while AnyDVD is running, for all intents and purposes, any other program, including Windows explorer, xcopy, you-name-it, will see an unprotected, decrypted disc (for Blu-ray discs this is 100% true, for DVDs almost 100%).

    In other words: AnyDVD makes a disc look like is was never protected or encrypted in the first place.

    What you do from here depends very much on what you're looking for.
    Possibilities are - off the top of my head:

    • watch region coded discs without worrying about regions
    • watch movies without being forced through trailers, warnings, disclaimers, ...
    • copy movies to single file formats using 3rd party programs, like CloneBD
    • creating backup discs
    • ...

    So - tell us, what you want, then we can tell you how.
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