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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by DF1234, Nov 3, 2007.

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    I have just recently purchased AnyDVD and trying to decide whether to purchase AnyDVD HD upgrade. I want to take advantage of the 20% discount offer before Nov. 05, 2007.

    In the description for AnyDVD HD it says "Allows you to watch movies over a digital display connection, without HDCP compliant graphics card and HDCP compliant display. No need to buy an expensive monitor. Sweet!" I assume it is required to have a HD DVD drive/burner in order to read the HD disc. My question; is my assumption correct? I am somewhat new to this, so please forgive me for my lack knowledge. Therefore, if I do not have a HD drive the AnyDVD HD upgrade would not be beneficial at this time. Correct?
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    Your assumption is correct.

    There is no way you can play or rip HD DVD or BD title w/o HD DVD or BD drive connected to your PC.

    AnyDVD and AnyDVD HD are the computer programs.

    They can not magically turn your hardware into something your hardware can not do.

    If you don't have HD DVD or BD COMPUTER drive, AnyDVD HD is useless for you.

    Hopefully it helps.

    Note: prices on the hardware are going down as we speak.
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  3. DF1234

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    Thank You!! I am presently pleased with AnyDVD.
  4. Galileo2000

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    That's cool.

    Just keep in mind pretty soon you'll want to find out what is this High-Definition Movie thing they all are talking about.

    Until then..ta-ta.