AnyDVD-HD Cinavia block for PowerDVD

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    I'm setting up a dedicated home media player on an old smaller computer that I have. I will be using my PowerDVD license as the player for Blu-ray discs. Some of my backup Blu-ray discs obviously have Cinavia, so it is essential that I have something to block the enforcement of Cinavia while playing my Blu-ray backup discs. AnyDVD-HD seems to do a great job of this blocking function, but my AnyDVD license is currently being used by my main computer where I burn my backup discs.

    Do I really need to buy an entire separate license of AnyDVD-HD just to get the Cinavia blocking feature for my dedicated media player PC? Is there some other less expensive RedFox product that will just do the Cinavia block? I'd rather not shell out another 109 Euro just for that one function on my media player.

    Thanks in advance for any help. Not sure if this is the right forum for this question, so mods feel free to relocate it.
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    No, you need AnyDVDHD for removing Cinavia with CloneBD. You can use AnyDVDHD on two different computers in the same house just as long as you do not run them at the same time
  3. James

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    In theory you'll need to buy a second license. However, blocking Cinavia doesn't count as "use" as it doesn't require a server connection. So, install AnyDVD on your HTPC and be happy. ;)
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  4. James

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    He doesn't want this. (I would not, either) He just wants his playback software (PowerDVD, WinDVD) to "behave".
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    Ah , ha. I didnt understand.
  6. routledgepaul

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    It that ok James want to do same?
    Got AnyDVD HD key for my server to rip and store.
    At moment just want to play my transferred ISO's back on my pc/tv.
    Ok the install a copy of AnyDVD HD in pc just for Cinevia patch on ISO playback.
    PC has not got physical disc drive, hence no ripping.
    Don't want to trigger any flags if pc is connected to internet.

    Many Thanks.
  7. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    I would really appreciate, if you buy a second license, as the license agreement requires. But you won't trigger any "flags".
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    Will do James just changing jobs so want to watch wallet and want to support your company hence me asking and not just using.
    Until I buy second lifetime key.
    On laptop with no disc drive to play or burn just your virtual to play ISO’s.
    I have 3 old lifetime keys could I run the last version Slydoft put out just to patch the Cinivia or is the patch updated since then on new versions.
  9. Ch3vr0n

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    No, I think it's pdvd 14 and above that's not supported by 7695. You'd have to check the the changelog.

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